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Nice Guys Finish Last! Or Do They?

Over my 20+ years of involvement in real estate and mortgages I thought I saw and experienced most – if not all. That was until Wednesday, June 15, 2016. It all began about 10 months ago when I was introduced to a really nice young couple from the Dominican Republic who lived in a tiny apartment in the Bronx. We met to discuss home

It’s All in the Details When It Comes to Interior Design

“The devil is in the details.” I’m sure that’s a phrase you all have heard many times. It applies to many aspects of our lives. Planning a vacation, a party and even more so, planning our homes. Homeowners often spend time and money creating an overall functional space in their homes, and forget that details give

Economic Market Factors That Move Interest Rates

Many direct and indirect economic market factors play a role in the movement of interest rates. Generally, in a growing economy, people have a higher confidence level to borrow and spend, causing rates to increase. In a slowing or recessionary environment, however, rates tend to go down due to the

Buying a Home? Amazing 3D Technology Will Change Everything for You

First Ever in New Jersey: 3D Virtual Reality Unveiling and

Open House to Be Held in Teaneck This Monday Night at V+N

Next week, the way you buy a new home is about to change forever thanks to 3D virtual reality immersive

Bet You Didn’t Know That Hack

To keep your bananas fresher longer, cut a small piece of clear plastic wrap about the size of the palm of your hand, wrap it tightly on the top crown of the bananas and they will last 3–5 days longer.

If you want to clean a pan that got badly burned, you can use:

1 cup vinegar

2 tablespoons of baking soda

1 cup or so of

Five Home-Buying Trends for This Year’s Market

(BPT) - If you are in the market for a new house this year, don’t be fooled by the brisk chill in the air - the spring house-hunting season is actually closer than you think. That means now is the perfect time to start your planning. Space requirements such as bedrooms, bathrooms and square footage are essential, but a

Things to Consider When Buying a ‘Green’ Home

With terms like “sustainability” and “eco-conscious” becoming buzzwords, it might seem like everyone is “going green.” If you’re a potential first-time home buyer who cares about the environment, you might be wondering how to tell if the homes you’re considering are eco-friendly.

Register Now for New Black Box Season

Teaneck— With the Fall/Winter End-of-Semester performances just completed—including sold-out performances Evil Dead: The Musical, Clifford Odet’s classic Golden Boy, Scenes & Songs from Little Shop, and The Devil Inside, an early work by Pulitzer-Prize winning playwright David

FM Home Loans to Hold Free Home-Buying Seminar

FM Home Loans along with Links Residential will be hosting a free Home Buyers Seminar on March 14 beginning at 7 pm at Avenue Event Space in Teaneck. The Jewish Link spoke with Jason Berg, Vice President at FM Home Loans, for a short Q&A session.

Why attend a home buyers, seminar?

How to Sell a Home...and Fast!

The time has come for me to let homeowners in on a little secret. The secret is a group of tips that will help you sell your home faster. If you are a homeowner, interested in listing your home, first of all, give me a call, and second of all, here are a few hidden tips on how to do so in the right way. No more worrying—you have come to

Kick It Up with Kishka

Mock Kishka can be eaten as a side dish or inside of a cholent. Years ago, kishka was made with intestines and other such things. Here are some variations on an old theme. In general, I make about 4–5 loaves, wrap in parchment paper, freeze, and then just pop into my cholent. This way I only have to deal with the mess one time

Ready, Set and Sell Your House Before the Fall!

Featuring: Lydia Russo, Broker, Owner, Russo Real Estate, Teaneck, New Jersey

LYDIA RUSSO: Spring is right around the corner, daylight hours are getting longer, interest rates remain at a reasonable, low rate, inventory is growing and buyers are coming