Sunday, October 21, 2018

Real Estate

Kids, Clothes, Crazy

With the holidays popping up early this year it feels like there is so much to do in so little time. The cleaning, the cooking, the covering surfaces with aluminum foil… does anyone still do that anymore? But most importantly, shopping for the perfect outfits for the kids to wear to shul, to the Seder, at Bubby and Zaidy’s house, and to get together with

Surprises at Closings

Over the years, I have experienced many unexpected and unforeseen issues in closing a real estate transaction. Here are a few of them.

A number of years ago, my customers from Brooklyn were under contract to buy a house in Teaneck. The attorney review was concluded, the inspections were all done

Why Pay Retail?

Gently Used Items are
a Boon for Your Budget

There’s a simcha or life-cycle event brewing, and the family budget is stretched to the max. Everyone wants to wear a fresh and new outfit, but the department stores and specialty shops put those amazingly tailored and trendy items just a bit out of your reach, Now there is a

Double Taxation on Ghost Apartments

Over the past half decade, there has been talk to double the property taxes (called “arnona”) on the estimated 10,000 “ghost apartments” or secondary residences in Jerusalem. A ghost apartment is defined as a property that sits vacant for at least nine months a year. These ghost apartments have understandably

Cleaning the Economical Way

We tend to spend hundreds of dollars each year on different types of cleaners that we use in our home. Whether for laundry, clothing, jewelry, Shabbos silver; the list is endless. I have learned that you can easily make these cleaners yourself for very little money and certainly with less chemicals. Here are some of my favorites:


Miriam Stern of Teaneck Awarded ‘Best Of Houzz’ 2016

Miriam Stern Color Consulting of Teaneck has won Best Of Customer Service on Houzz®, the leading platform for home remodeling and design. The 8-year-old color consulting company was chosen by the more than 35 million monthly unique users that comprise the Houzz community from among more than one million active home building,

A Lesson About Mortgages

Without a doubt, the single question that I get asked by potential borrowers more than any other is “what’s the rate?” There are many factors that determine a borrower’s rate, and it is important to know what they are when shopping for a mortgage.

Your credit score will play a large part in determining your rate and also in deciding if you qualify for

Ceiling Revamps: Leave the Popcorn to the Movies

(BPT) - Calling all DIY enthusiasts: Those popcorn ceilings have to go. They don’t get much love from homeowners or homebuyers, and they can really bring down the overall look and feel of an otherwise attractive room.

Popcorn ceilings haven’t really represented stylish home design since disco was on

Home Selling: Which Fixes Are Worth It to Lure Buyers?

(NewsUSA) - Okay, don’t panic. If you’re one of those homeowners who’s been moaning about how hard it’s been trying to sell your house, your bargaining power—you remember that concept, right?—hasn’t been completely devastated just because a flood of new foreclosures is expected to hit the market as

How to Buy a House (For Those Who Didn’t Win the Powerball)

When an all-cash offer is not the best option.

The record-breaking Powerball this week had lots of people discussing what they would do with the potential winnings. Of course, “charity” was first and foremost, but in addition, most fantasies focused on buying or building a dream house

A Salon for Your Best Friend:

Pooch Pawdicures Grooming Salon

The Pawdicures Grooming Salon made its official debut on Teaneck Road just this past November, but it took several years to develop as a passion and concept. Owner and groomer, Teaneck resident Jacqui Moskowitz, graduated from college with a degree in marketing and psychology, and soon after became a proud owner

Repositioning Your Life With a Mortgage

Things change in life and we, hopefully, reposition ourselves in order to adapt and grow personally as well as financially. We have to in order to survive, but that’s a good thing because that means we have an opportunity to improve on our current situation. Busy, busy, busy, we are all very busy people in a very busy world. Sometimes, we