Tuesday, January 23, 2018

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Five Myths About Solar Panels, Debunked

(BPT) Home solar panels can drastically cut or even eliminate electricity bills, reduce a home’s carbon footprint, increase resale value, and may even help a home sell faster.

The cost of rooftop solar systems has fallen dramatically in recent years, and most homeowners have the

Links Residential Proudly Welcomes Three New Agents to the Team!

Malkie Benson—A teacher by day, Malkie understands the value of open, simple communication and listening. She knows that the right tone and reassuring words can make all the difference. She knows that understanding her client’s needs ensures long-term happiness and a beneficial agent-client

Which Type of Insulation Is Right for Your Home?

(BPT) With the imminent approach of dropping temperatures, many people reach for their sweaters as they run out the door. In a bittersweet farewell to summer, boats are hauled out of the water and taken in to be winterized. Wool sock purchases start to soar, and Instagram is filled again with pumpkin spice latte images.

Six Ways to Bring Warmth Into Your Home This Fall

(StatePoint) With the shorter days and cooler nights of fall can come the urge to hibernate. But first prepare yourself and your home for the season with these cozy and warm accents that will make time spent indoors cozier.

  1. Incorporate Metallic D?cor. While you’re breaking out the

Yesterday’s Factories Could Be Tomorrow’s Offices and Homes

(StatePoint) To counter generic new construction projects, many cities and towns are converting older structures into vibrant tech offices, loft-style residences and even art institutions – a process known as “adaptive reuse.”

As midcentury facilities designed for once-humming industries

New Construction vs. You Construction (Part I)

Over the past few weeks, but certainly over the past few days, homes – and specifically backyards and driveways – have been busy with construction. Succos, one of my favorite holidays is upon us, and everyone is busy getting their temporary dwellings built and ready for the upcoming chag. As many might have observed well before this imminent season

October Tasks for Every Homeowner

(Courtesy of LinksResidential.com) The temps are starting to drop; the smell of wood smoke is in the air.Temps are more chilly than warm. That’s when veteran homeowners know it’s time to do these six things if they want to avoid grief or overspending:

What Kind of House Can Survive a Tornado?

The horrific destruction visited upon Florida, Texas and islands of the Caribbean during the current hurricane season eradicated thousands of homes. Thus, the question arises: Is there an architectural design that enables houses to survive hurricanes and tornados? The answer appears to be the geodesic dome. A geodesic-dome home is

Fresh Start After a Break-Up

The New Year brings the opportunity for fresh starts and new beginnings. There’s no question that divorce is not the most enjoyable way to begin the New Year, but, unfortunately, it happens. Family dynamics change, and one home becomes two. In the beginning, you start out excited to begin a new life as husband and wife and build

Tipping The Scales

Earlier this week, I took two of our children to the pediatrician for a throat culture. While we were in the room waiting for the nurse to arrive, one of my children jumped on the scale to weigh themselves. As I am sure most people are familiar with, the scale is one where there is a bigger weight on the bottom level, and a smaller

All Home Warranties Are Not Created Equal

(BPT) Having a home warranty is a smart way to help deal with the inevitable home repair problems that all property owners face at one point or another.

After all, a good home warranty can mean getting expert help when your HVAC system needs to be fixed, your water heater needs to be

How to Save Energy in Your Home

(StatePoint) Reducing your energy use at home is a win-win for your wallet and the planet. Not only can it save you money on your bills now, but it could also improve your home’s resale value, if you know which steps to take. These simple tips can help.

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