Monday, December 10, 2018

Real Estate

I Can’t Take The Credit

In general, I try to share timely topics, current news and recent experiences that I encounter in dealing with clients on a day-to-day basis. This past week I had repeating situations that reminded me just how much confusion there is out there as it pertains to “Credit Scores” and the credit reporting agencies.

Weatherization Myths – Debunked

(StatePoint) Weatherizing your home for each season can make it more comfortable – but how to do it can be confusing. Here are four common weatherizing myths – busted! – to help get your home ready for cooler weather to come.

Myth 1: It doesn’t matter where your thermostat is placed.

Truth: Location, location, location! You

Use Technology to Simplify Your Home Buying Process

(BPT) While spring is typically the busiest period in real estate, particularly for families looking to get in to a new home before the school year starts, the fall months have become increasingly active for those who have more flexibility or are looking for a good deal.

With increased

Home Design Ideas for Travel Enthusiasts

(StatePoint) Travelers are often struck by the unique style of a certain locale, such as the bright colors of Havana or the chic sophistication of Paris. If your family plans to travel soon, you will likely return longing to recreate memories of your time away.

An easy way to do so is by

How to Select the Best Ceiling Fans

(StatePoint) If you have a “less is more” outlook on home decorating purchasing decisions, you probably want your lighting fixtures to not only be functional, but also fashionable elements that complement other accessories and contribute to your overall interior design. When it comes to ceiling fans, experts say that

Upgrade Your Kitchen to Cook Like a Professional Chef

(StatePoint) Of course, cooking like a chef at home requires talent and practice. But there’s no doubt about it -- having the right culinary tools, appliances and prep space is essential, too.

To upgrade your kitchen so that you can cook like a chef, consider the following:

Zichron Yaakov: Celebrating Diversity

When making aliyah, most people buying a home tend to purchase in communities that have a nucleus of families with similar backgrounds and hashkafot, or world views. Such an arrangement offers immigrants a network of like-minded families, affording them educational, spiritual and social support. Sometimes, however, we meet

So, This Happened With Zillow…

This week the online real estate juggernaut, Zillow, made a major announcement. Zillow disclosed their intent to buy a mortgage lender in Kansas to help expand its real estate services. This was not Zillow’s first venture into becoming more than an online resource site. In April they announced plans to “buy and flip homes” in

The Fine Print

“Inconspicuous details or conditions printed in an agreement, especially ones that may prove unfavorable.” This is the definition of fine print in Google. Any mortgage agreement is filled with volumes of fine print and I don’t hope to address all items in my short column. Yet below are several that differentiate many of the

Five Ways to Amp Up the Natural Benefits of Your Yard

(BPT) It’s easy to appreciate the sights and smells afforded by lawns and landscapes, but when it comes to your yard there is much more to consider besides pleasing aesthetics and aromas. Many would even be surprised to learn that the benefits of a lush lawn and stunning landscape design extend well beyond a yard’s

Apartment Purchases Gone Wrong: Damages for Breach of Contract

Yaniv and Michal purchased a beautiful apartment near Ra’anana for 2,000,000 NIS (about $550,000). Everything about the apartment was perfect for them except for one “small” complication—the apartment was encumbered by the seller to both a mortgage bank and to a third party. This was particularly problematic for Yaniv and

How to Cut Years Off the Mortgage of Your Home, Sweet, Home

(StatePoint) Whether you’ve just moved into your dream home and are experiencing the elation of making it your own or you are a few years into paying off your mortgage, if you are like most homebuyers, chances are you have the standard 30-year mortgage and may feel daunted as you anticipate decades of payments.