Sunday, March 24, 2019

Real Estate

No Surprises

This week I closed a loan that was one for the books! When I first met with the client, he was very open about some of his previous experiences when he bought his first home and when trying to refinance a few years ago. He had a few choice words to say about the handful of other companies that he used. What stood out most in all

Cash Alternatives: Not Just for Seniors

We all know and are familiar with the standard mortgage (aka forward mortgage). If you want to consolidate your debt, buy a new home or refinance you can apply for a mortgage and, if you qualify, obtain the financing that you desire. The important question to ask yourself is: If you qualify, do you want additional monthly mortgage

How to Make Your Empty Nest an Empowering New Chapter

(StatePoint) Suddenly, the kids are all grown up and ready to flee the nest. It’s the start of a new chapter -- for them, and for mom and dad, too. While this sudden change in family dynamic is bound to bring a mix of bittersweet emotions, there are plenty of ways to embrace the shift. An empty nest certainly doesn’t mean an

The Azure Luxury Condominiums:  Surfside’s Best New Construction Value

I am excited about this building. Now let me tell you why.

When I moved to Surfside from Mexico City in 1996, The Azure Luxury Condominiums was to be the newest luxury condominium building in Surfside. It set the pace for things to come. Built in 2005, it is a boutique building with only 74 units and was

Times Are Changing

Last week everyone “gained” an hour of sleep when we changed the clock back one hour as we do every year around this time. Although, it is very possible that many lost that same hour or more going through their emails and social media feeds with reminders to change their clocks. Jokes aside, times are changing indeed in the

The Importance of Real Grass

(BPT) Well-maintained outdoor spaces increase curb appeal and can bolster property values. They inspire kids’ imaginations and support healthy play. They make a homegrown neighborhood hangout, ideal for spending time together.

Whether you’re a first-time homeowner or looking for ways to improve your

How to Keep Pests Out of Your Chimney

(BPT) As temperatures drop, many people will start spending more time in the warmth of their homes. Animals don’t have the luxury of extra heating and take whatever refuge they can find, making chimneys a convenient place for pests to seek shelter. The team at Terminix has some helpful information to share so that homeowners can be better

The Fair and Not-So Fair New Credit Profile Methods

Fair Isaac Corp., the architect of the well-known FICO scoring model, plans to roll out a new scoring model that is getting a lot of attention of late. The maker of the most widely used credit score announced a new metric called, “UltraFico” that considers how a consumer manages their banking activities – such as checking,

Eight Questions to Ask Before Going Solar at Home

(StatePoint) With a growing number of homeowners looking to save money on power bills and help the environment, rooftops across America are taking on a new look, as more homes are dotted with solar panels. But it’s important to ask the right questions before installing them on your home.

Hundreds Attend 2018 Bergen County Homebuyer Expo

(Courtesy of Bergen County Community Development Division) On Wednesday, October 17, Bergen County Executive Jim Tedesco, the board of chosen freeholders and the Bergen County Division of Community Development hosted its first-ever weeknight Homebuyer Expo at Two Bergen Plaza in Hackensack.

Analysis Paralysis

Let’s jump right in! Analysis paralysis is the state of over-analyzing or over-thinking a situation. In effect, as Wikipedia says, a decision or action is never taken. To some degree, this is something that is more relevant today than ever before and is having a wide-range of impact on decisions or indecisions that people

Why You Should Appeal Your Property Taxes

A New Jersey homeowner’s property tax bill is calculated on the basis of the home’s value. Your home’s value is determined by the town’s tax assessor. If the assessor overestimates your home’s value, you end up overpaying your property taxes.

How good are assessors at estimating home