Friday, December 14, 2018

Real Estate

The Fine Print

“Inconspicuous details or conditions printed in an agreement, especially ones that may prove unfavorable.” This is the definition of fine print in Google. Any mortgage agreement is filled with volumes of fine print and I don’t hope to address all items in my short column. Yet below are several that differentiate many of the

Five Ways to Amp Up the Natural Benefits of Your Yard

(BPT) It’s easy to appreciate the sights and smells afforded by lawns and landscapes, but when it comes to your yard there is much more to consider besides pleasing aesthetics and aromas. Many would even be surprised to learn that the benefits of a lush lawn and stunning landscape design extend well beyond a yard’s

Apartment Purchases Gone Wrong: Damages for Breach of Contract

Yaniv and Michal purchased a beautiful apartment near Ra’anana for 2,000,000 NIS (about $550,000). Everything about the apartment was perfect for them except for one “small” complication—the apartment was encumbered by the seller to both a mortgage bank and to a third party. This was particularly problematic for Yaniv and

How to Cut Years Off the Mortgage of Your Home, Sweet, Home

(StatePoint) Whether you’ve just moved into your dream home and are experiencing the elation of making it your own or you are a few years into paying off your mortgage, if you are like most homebuyers, chances are you have the standard 30-year mortgage and may feel daunted as you anticipate decades of payments.

The 3.00% Rate Is Back

For anyone who is carefully following stocks and bonds, and in the market for a new house or mortgage, this is something you will want to hear. It’s true. The 3.00% rate is back. Except, I am sure in this case, if you are seeking immediate mortgage financing, this breakthrough is not something that is favorable for you. You see,

Beat the Heat in Your Favorite Outdoor Spaces

(BPT) Are summer’s sizzling temperatures causing you to retreat from your favorite outdoor spaces? Garages, patios, sheds, gardens and other outdoor areas should be enjoyed throughout the year. Unfortunately, heat and humidity can quickly make being outside intolerable during the dog days of summer.


What is mortgage insurance or private mortgage insurance (MI or PMI)? When you put less than 20 percent down payment or borrow more than 80 percent of the appraised value of your home, mortgage insurance is required in some form or another. There are many types of private mortgage insurance. Borrower-paid and lender-paid are the

Exit Ahead

One of the benefits of driving up to “the country” every weekend is the scenic views I get to enjoy along the way. Barring the frustration of traffic jams, detours and other surprise interruptions that can often be encountered along the way, the picturesque sights are simply magnificent.


How to Keep Your Washing Machine Clean

(Courtesy of Links Residential) Just because you fill your washing machine with laundry detergent doesn’t mean you don’t need to clean the machine itself. It sounds counterintuitive, but while your machine is ridding your clothes of dirt, it doesn’t always rid itself of that same dirt or a buildup of detergent

All About Private Water Supply Systems

The vast majority of Americans receive potable water in their homes from municipal water supply systems. The remaining 15 percent of households, including some people who live in our area, my family and our neighbors included, must rely upon privately owned wells. Operators of private wells are solely responsible for ensuring that

Five Common Mistakes When Planning a DIY Deck

(BPT) Across America, decks have become a popular place for people to entertain guests or just relax. The greatest appeal? The elevated outdoor living areas offer a convenient option for enjoying the great outdoors in a comfortable, room-like space that’s somewhat removed from the elements.

When It Comes To Real Estate, Don’t Believe Everything You Read

We’re constantly told not to believe everything we read or hear - and that’s truly excellent advice. In a world where journalists have become unabashedly opinionated, and much of our news has actually become “Fake News,” it’s not always easy to validate what is accurate. Cross-referencing legitimate sources of information