Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Real Estate

Refinancing For The Right Reasons

The Mortgage Bankers Association had an interesting statistic released earlier this week. They reported that overall mortgage application volume dropped 6.2% this week, from its previous report. Applications to purchase a home were down 4%, while refinancing activity was down 8% from this time last week. They also noted mortgage

Approved Funding Announces Additional Seminars and Workshops For 2019

Approved Funding, a leading privately-held local mortgage banker continues its “Educational Seminars and Workshop” series for 2019. After completing a highly successful Real Estate & Investment Workshop in July, the company is pleased to announce two additional opportunities for real estate education and

Air Conditioning on the Fritz? What to Do Next

(BPT) Does your home feel uncomfortably warm, even when your AC is running full blast? You may think you can wait until next season to fix this, but with hot and sticky temperatures still lingering, now is the perfect time to upgrade your air conditioning system.

Replacing old ineffective

Handy Hacks and Simple Tricks for DIY Projects

(BPT) Have you ever left a reminder on a small scrap of paper because that is all you could find? Or ran out of room when writing an important message? No matter your profession - from construction and manufacturing, to culinary and education, to even around the house - there’s always a message or reminder to communicate.

The Cycle of the Jewish Year

The calendar is replete with days that are significant to the Jewish nation. It should therefore come as no surprise that many of these dates—and activities associated with them—have become names of streets and communities in Israel.

The ram’s horn is the iconic symbol of Rosh Hashanah,

Tips for Creating the Perfect Home Office

(StatePoint) With more people nationwide opting to create their own businesses or work for their employer remotely, the home office has become one of the most used spaces of the house, with many people spending more than eight hours a day in this room. If you’re one of these people, the kitchen table just won’t cut it if you’re

CapitIL Holds Israel Real Estate Info Event

(Courtesy of CapitIL) Real estate company CapitIl Israel is hosting an information event for the Teaneck and Englewood communities on buying property in Israel. Set to take place at Ahavath Torah in Englewood, on Monday, September 9, at 7:45 p.m., the event will feature a panel of top real estate professionals, including ADV

Four Home Fix-Ups for Fall

(BPT) With cooler days and temperate weather, fall is a good time to get outdoors and tackle some larger home projects, as well as prep your home for winter.

“Cold weather can wreak havoc on your house, leaving you with a long list of repairs,” said Cathy McHugh, director, brand

Household Cleaning Hacks Using Essential Oils

(StatePoint) From cleaners and sprays to air fresheners and more, essential oils are making their way into the mainstream as commonplace, common sense household solutions.

It’s no surprise then that the market for essential oils is anticipated to grow significantly (more than 9 percent) over

How to Update Home Lighting To Be Easy on the Eyes

(StatePoint) If you ever experience eyestrain, tired itchy eyes, blurry vision or headaches, it may be time to give your home a lighting makeover.

Problems caused by bad lighting can be intensified by using it for longer, something most households should keep in mind, as 74 percent of Americans in a

Elevate Your Home Decor Through Minimalism

(BPT) The latest trends in home decor reveal a desire for a feeling of tranquility and calmness, perhaps as a response to today’s overly busy and distracted lifestyles. From Marie Kondo’s decluttering craze to a return to natural materials in home design, everyone is looking for a way to create a peaceful, less hectic inner

Un-Yielding Results

As this paper went to press, we experienced the worst drop of the year and fourth-largest point drop of all time in the stock market. The Dow dropped 800.49 points or 3.05% as the yield on the benchmark 10-year Treasury note broke below the 2-year rate on Wednesday.

As I have written about in