Wednesday, July 18, 2018

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Are Your Home Furnishings Good for the Planet and Your Family?

(StatePoint) More consumers are interested in selecting products that are good for the planet and their families, than ever before. While many understand what organic food is, confusion still exists when it comes to home furnishings. Simply put, what you bring into your home directly impacts the health and welfare of your family in

Dominate Spring: Five Easy Steps to Wake Up Your Lawn

(BPT) There are a lot of things people miss during the winter - flip-flops, shorts and warm sunshine. But one of the things homeowners miss the most is the sight of green grass.

For months their lawns go into hibernation and disappear under a blanket of snow. Once the temperature starts to rise and the days start getting longer, many are eager to get

ACOA (A Country of Acronyms)

When I made aliyah back in 2003, I understood that I had to hone my Hebrew-language skills. Little did I know, however, that there is another important language in Israel, which is much harder than Hebrew, called “acronyms.” Many phrases are abbreviated and used in all spheres of Israeli life. Two random examples: drishat

Getting to Know the Real Estate Movers

Buying or selling a home is not only a serious financial undertaking, but an emotional decision that encompasses many life considerations. For most, the sale of a home is one of the most significant economic transactions they will make in their lifetime. Buyers purchase a home not only for financial and logistical reasons, but also

Wein Agency Realtors Stand for Family, Health and Home

(Courtesy of Wein Agency Realtors) Family and integrity are the core values of Wein Agency Realtors, a brand built on old-fashioned hard work and honest guidance. Broker/Owner Eric Wein sets the tone for his office with an optimistic outlook on life, a calm confidence and a simple philosophy to do the right thing. All of Wein’s

Paying Extra For Your Mortgage

Much of why mortgage rates have gone up is due to the anticipated rise in inflation. There are certainly other variables, but most bond and finance experts attribute a lot of the recent volatility to inflation pressures. As a reminder, the Federal Reserve has two primary objectives which include keeping inflation at about 2% per

Asbestos in Roofs, Roofing Materials and in the Home

Asbestos is a naturally occurring stone-based collection of materials that was widely used in roofing and in other exterior and interior building materials. Once touted as a miraculous solution to assorted construction drawbacks and difficulties, asbestos has proven to be a dangerous component of construction materials. Yet, due to its many

How Much Home Can You Afford This Spring? Factors to Consider

(StatePoint) The chicken or the egg? Which came first continues to fuel philosophical debates. But when it comes to buying a home, experts are pretty clear about the proper order of things -- agreeing you should fit your mortgage to your finances, not to a house.

“Before you even start your

One More Call

Meyer and Miriam’s offer to purchase their first home was accepted. Excited at the prospect of owning their first home, they started researching the costs of all the items they would need to buy.

Moving from the city to the suburbs, they needed to purchase a car. After driving cars at multiple

Five ‘Smart’ Ways to Tackle Your Spring Cleaning

(BPT) Pull back the drapes, crack open the window and let in the warm, sun-soaked air. That’s right, spring is right around the corner and that means it’ll soon be time to chase away the grime and odors that have settled in over the long winter.

For many, spring cleaning is

House Hunting? Use This Checklist Before You Make the Offer

(BPT) House hunting can feel like an adventurous new chapter in your life. If you’re lucky enough to find the property that checks off all the “must have” boxes - appearance, size, price, location - it’s easy to fall in love.

Not so fast. Before making an offer on any property,

Tips to Protect Birds in Your Yard and Garden

(StatePoint) One of the best parts of backyard living in the warmer months is all the potential for bird watching that comes with it. You may have even installed a birdfeeder in your garden in an attempt to attract more birds to your property.

But did you know, your home poses dangerous risks to