Sunday, April 05, 2020


RYNJer Raises Money for SINAI

It might seem like a lifetime ago, but we want to wish a huge yasher koach to Elisheva Benisz, a sixth grader at SINAI at RYNJ who raised $700 for SINAI Schools in honor of her bat mitzvah! Chesed projects and community engagement are important components of SINAI’s bar/bat mitzvah program, which is funded in its

Ma’ayanot Senior Named in Second Cohort of National Emerging Scholars

(Courtesy of Maharat) Maharat has announced the second cohort of emerging scholars awardees. This award, funded by Maharat, celebrates young women who are high school seniors and who excel in leadership, spirituality and Torah learning. The award acknowledges these young women for their accomplishments and dedication to the Jewish

Yavneh Eighth Grade Student Raises Funds to Help Fight Coronavirus

When Yavneh closed, Ari Lewis, a 14 years old from New Milford, found himself wasting too much time. He decided that he wanted to do his part and raise funds to help with the coronavirus crisis. Lewis taught himself how to draw personalized sneakers on an iPad, and started telling his friends and family that he would

The Idea School Ushers in Nissan With Virtual Hallel

The Idea School begins each morning with Tefillah Talks led by Rabbi Tavi Koslowe, aimed at inspiration and connection to heritage and prayer. This week, Hallel to bring in the new month of Nissan—Chodesh Ha-Aviv—was recited alongside a video admiring the beauty of our world. Though we are stuck in our homes,

A Parent's Virtual Reality: School at Home

Who could have imagined a time and place that uses “lockdown” and “quarantine” in daily conversation, a world where children in the middle of a school year are sent home with as many books as their backpacks can bear and no clear answer on when they might return to their classrooms? Alas, here we stand—a group of parents

Moriah Students Send Letters to First Responders

It has been a long few weeks stuck at home, but Moriah Association of Parents (MAP) has been working hard to make it interesting by sending out weekly challenges for students to complete. This past weekend, the challenge was a kindness initiative—to write letters or draw pictures for local first responders who

Ma’ayanot Rapids Celebrate Rosh Chodesh Nissan

Ma’ayanot celebrated Rosh Chodesh with spiritual inspiration from speaker Charlie Harary and musician Duvie Shapiro.

Nitzanei Noam Students Bake Matzah at Home

Frisch Students Shine in Bronka Weintraub High School Bekiut Program

Yeshivat Frisch students Eitan Dukas, Eli Nat and Emily Gul achieved outstanding results on the latest exam in the Bronka Weintraub High School Bekiut Program, run by Yeshiva University. Dukas and Nat were two of four students—out of hundreds nationwide—who scored 100 in the Boys Daf Program and are tied for

RYNJ Has Family Game Night

RYNJ continues to move forward with distance learning, yet is still mindful of the workload of parents. The school recognizes that balancing home and school—all at home—can be challenging. RYNJ developed the structured daily schedule and started The RYNJ Daily email in order to partner with parents and to support

Yeshivat He’Atid Nursery Makes Matzah via Zoom

After learning that we eat matzah for eight days, He’Atid nursery 3B enjoyed a special treat this week. Since they couldn’t go to the matzah factory, they brought the matzah factory to their homes. Morah Gabee and Morah Audra guided them through all the steps of making the matzah. They all had a fabulous time and enjoyed eating the

TABC Gets Update From Former MK Dov Lipman

TABC students, parents and faculty were privileged to hear an update from former Knesset member Rabbi Dov Lipman on the current state of Israeli politics. Rabbi Lipman gave a presentation via Zoom and then allowed time for questions and answers from the audience. This program is part of TABC’s effort to supplement its