Sunday, March 29, 2020


TABC Students and Faculty Spend Time ‘Together’ in Class and After Class

TABC’s Zoom classes, now in their second week, have been going remarkably well. Both the students’ commitment to their studies and the teachers’ incredible devotion to their students and their learning experiences are truly impressive. As usual, though there is a lot more going on above and beyond classes at

RYNJ Connects Through Distance Learning

Yavneh Middle School Students Enjoy Night Activities Together

This past week not only brought many new facets to the Yavneh Academy distance learning platform, but middle school students also had the opportunity to join together via Zoom for night activities.

Middle school learned how to make delicious chocolate chip sticks with Limor

Yeshivat Noam Enjoys Fun Competitions

Yeshivat Noam families enjoyed a Sunday filled with creative competitions and fun family activities! In this competition, Family Banners, the art created reflected family values of kindness and chesed.

Ma’ayanot Maintains Connection

A typical school day offers much more than academic subjects—it offers social connection, physical education, spiritual uplift, communal tefillah, extracurricular programming, meeting with mentors and just plain fun. Ma’ayanot has successfully moved its courses online and is maintaining student learning and

Tamar's Learning Center Brings Smiles to Students

Week two of distance learning brought nothing but smiles for the students of Tamar's Learning Center! Packages of books, magnet boards/tiles, document cameras, digital writing pads and more were delivered to each student's home, as needed, allowing them to physically manipulate their materials while they learn

Tenafly Chabad Middle School Continues Remote Learning

Yavneh Academy ECD Students Fill Mitzvah Note Wall

Yavneh is so proud of the Yavneh early childhood children! While younger Hawks are at home, they have shared on the Mitzvah Note Wall ECD Padlets many acts of chesed that they have been performing. Students have been davening nicely, giving tzedaka, sorting groceries, helping to clean up in the basements, washing

BCHSJS Classes Resume Remotely

Students at the Bergen County High School of Jewish Studies resumed classes this Sunday in a remote learning format. Three slightly shortened periods were held via Zoom along with the usual break minus the bagels. Students were happy to “see” each other and interact again with their teachers and classmates.

BPY BaBayit Gets Rave Reviews

BPY BaBayit in early childhood has already gotten rave reviews from parents and children alike. While everyone wishes that they could be back at school with their teachers and friends, this is the next best thing. Through it all, students and teachers just keep on smiling and always make the best of every

After-School Clubs Keep Students Creative At The Idea School

The Idea School faculty and students are taking advantage of the many new and creative ways to engage students after school hours through interactive clubs that intrigue and entertain. With a variety of options to choose from, this week, the students learned a new digital art form and created incredible works of

Tenafly Chabad Academy Lower School Does Remote Learning