Friday, December 14, 2018


Chanukah Is Filled With Ruach at Ma’ayanot

Ma’ayanot celebrated Chanukah with a ruach-filled chagiga with music by Simcha Leiner and Sheer Simcha.

Yeshivat He’Atid Snif Bnei Akiva Runs Chanukah Carnival

Yavneh Academy Students Build 15 Foot Lego Chanukiyah

Yavneh Academy students were privileged to build a 15 foot Lego chanukiyah on Chanukah. Guided by with architect Stephen W. Schwartz AIA from the Building Blocks Workshops, Yavneh Academy third and fourth graders worked in small groups to complete different sections of the enormous chanukiyah. The entire lower

Moriah Early Childhood and Lower School Celebrate Chanukah

When Chanukah comes around the excitement doesn’t stop at Moriah! Every day of Chanukah was jam-packed with activities; it was hard to keep track of everything!

On each day of Chanukah the early childhood hosted a Chanukah celebration for one of their classes. Parents,

BCHSJS Enjoys Chanukah

Students at the Bergen County High School of Jewish Studies celebrated Chanukah in school this past Sunday. Eating sufganiyot, making latkes, getting chocolate gelt and wearing ugly Chanukah sweaters made the holiday fun for all.

Gan Rina Loves Chanukah

From glowing candles to glow sticks, from spinning dreidels to spin art and from oil latkas to oil paint, the children have been busy exploring all parts of the holiday and loving every moment!

Ben Porat Yosef Takes on Sevivon Challenge

Have you heard about the sevivon challenge in early childhood robotics? Each child created his or her own sevivon and then transformed Cubetto, the robot, into a sevivon. In small groups, children designed programs to make sevivon Cubetto spin. Utilizing their computer science skills, some groups directed Cubetto

MTA Celebrates at Chanukah Chagiga

The ruach and achdus were felt throughout the MTA campus, as the entire yeshiva celebrated together at its Chanukah chagiga on Thursday, December 6. The event kicked off with latkes and sufganiyot, a video presentation, and a Dvar Torah from Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi Michael Taubes. Then, talmidim, rebbeim and

Naaleh Has Inaugural  Chanukah to Remember

Naaleh students embraced their first Chanukah with nonstop fun, song, dance, creativity, bonding and laughter. The student-led Yom Tov committee, CHAP, took charge to devise a week of amazing activities that cultivated school spirit and connectedness. From an inspiring Chanukah shiur from Bethany Strulowitz, to

Yeshivat Noam Middle Schoolers Make Siyum on Chanukah

Throughout the week, the Yeshivat Noam beit midrash was never empty. Students signed up to learn Mishnayot with the goal of making a siyum on sefer Moed. After completing over 680 Mishnayot, the students learned all of sefer Moed. Enhanced by the music of Rabbi Simcha Willig and Divrei Torah by their peers, The

RYNJ Hosts Mordechai Shapiro

RYNJ students enjoyed a fun filled week of amazing Chanukah activities. To top off the week students enjoyed an awesome Mordechai Shapiro concert! Dressed in an RYNJ achdus shirts, the students’ ruach and spirit were palpable.

Thank you to the RYNJ PTA for sponsoring such an

He’Atid Students Give Back on Chanukah

As fun as it is to get presents on Chanukah, it can be much more rewarding to give. Yeshivat He’Atid students gave back in three major ways this Chanukah: First, the school participated in the annual Bergen County Toy Drive. Second, each class from grades one to five gave a gift to the school. These gifts ranged