Monday, January 20, 2020


Yeshivat Noam Buds Love Hosting Their Families for Chanukah Celebrations

The Idea School Joins March for Solidarity

On Sunday January 5, The Idea School students and parents joined the March for Solidarity, standing united with thousands of people across the metropolitan area against hate and anti-Semitism. The march began in Foley Square in Manhattan and continued across the Brooklyn Bridge to Columbus Park.

Bruriah Freshman Shabbaton Has a Musical Highlight

The Bruriah freshmen started their day off on Elmora Avenue in Elizabeth for lunch and then headed to Edison for a fun, friendship-themed Shabbos! All meals took place at OT and Shabbat ended off with seuda shelishit at the Wiesel home. After Shabbos, the students loaded the buses and headed to Teaneck for a Simcha Leiner

The Moriah School Early Childhood Hosts Bake Sale

What a special experience it was for the Moriah early childhood children to participate in the Moriah School Early Childhood Bake Sale, in memory of Evan Levy, a”h. The children understood that the money raised would go to tzedaka, the Evan Levy Fund. The Evan Levy Fund, in partnership with Chai Lifeline,

Naaleh Hosts ‘Experience Day’ For Prospective Students

On January 2, over 100 Naaleh applicants joined together for the annual Naaleh Experience Day. Eighth graders from over 15 elementary schools spent the morning getting to know each other and getting a taste of Naaleh. The day started off with a welcome from Mrs. Kobre, followed by Cupcake Wars where each team collaborated to use

Yavneh Academy Pre-K Makes Havdala Together

At a recent Project Inspire shabbaton, Charlie Harary spoke to 700 people who just spent Shabbat together, and shared the following right before Havdala: “The power of a Havdala candle and its light is more powerful than any other light you will find. And you know why? It’s because it’s not one light, it’s

BPY Celebrates Mesibat Siddur

The BPY students of kitah aleph received their siddurim! It was a beautiful, exciting and uplifting mesiba! The children were superstars. Their excitement was palpable as they sang with passion, smiled from ear to ear, and looked awe-struck as they opened up the siddurim for the first time. The entire crowd, full

RYNJ Has Siyum Bereshit

This past Friday, the children of RYNJ’s pre-k had a wonderful time celebrating at a siyum for Sefer Bereishit! The children and morot came dressed as their favorite characters from the parshiyot. There were children and teachers dressed as Noach, Avraham, Sarah, Eliezer, Yizchack, Rivka, Yaakov, Eisav, Rochel, Leah,

Yeshivat Frisch Celebrates Shiriyah

Over 10,000 people viewed Yeshivat Frisch’s Shiriyah finale last Thursday night, the majority streaming the event on frisch.org. Shiriyah, as many people in the wider Jewish community know, is a weeklong program unique to Frisch that allows students to get involved in an epic series of collaborative, creative projects centered on

TABC’s Rabbi Haim Jachter Presents Shiur for CLE Credit

This past Motzei Shabbat at TABC alumni and alumni parents gathered to hear Rabbi Jachter present a captivating talk about the recovering legal fees in Beit Din. The shiur focused not only on classic sources, but also how the Gemara, Rishinom and Shulchan Aruch are applied in practice in contemporary batei din in Israel, Great

MTA Makor Chaim Israel Exchange Program Is off to a Great Start

MTA’s 12th annual Makor Chaim Exchange Program is off to a great start, as 13 MTA sophomores arrived in Israel at Yeshivat Makor Chaim on Tuesday, December 31. Located in Kibbutz Kfar Etzion, Makor Chaim was founded by noted Jewish educators Rabbi Adin Steinzaltz and Rabbi Dov Singer. Each year, MTA sophomores

TABC Freshmen Relax at Shabbaton

The TABC freshman shabbaton took place this past Shabbat in Danbury, CT. The theme for the weekend was “Seeing Beyond Ourselves.” Full of fun activities including Thrillz Adventure Park on Friday and a professional game show on Saturday night, the students had an amazing few days. Joined by many of their