Monday, August 20, 2018


Camp Kef/Ma’alot Offers Specialty Tracks

Looking for a unique twist on summer camp? Tired of the same mundane activities? Well, look no further! Camp Ma’alot is the place for you! Now being offered...specialty tracks!

Sweat for SINAI With Camp Al Haderech

Kids helping kids! Camp Al Haderech campers participated in Sweat for SINAI as part of a summer-long campaign to raise money for SINAI Schools. Even without a pool, the campers found a way to join in the Swim for SINAI fundraising fun by competing in races and field games, and calling it Sweat for SINAI. Over the

Camp Slapshots Is in Full Swing

Mesorah’s Upper Teens Have Great Summer

What an incredible last summer it has been for the Upper Teens at Camp Mesorah. They really got to experience the best summer yet in their summer home for the last time as campers. Mesorah will miss them next summer and hopes to see them back in the future!

Camp Shalom Enjoys Color War

Color war is here! For week seven of #GetInTheGame, campers were surprised with color war break out! Campers came dressed in their team colors and the excitement could be felt throughout the camp. Despite the competitive nature of the color war games and activities, midot were not compromised and everyone looked out and

Carnivals and Bouncy Castles Come to Cochavim

Camp Cochavim campers had a blast jumping on the bouncy castle at camp! A carnival, face paint and ice cream — what could be better?!

Gan Yaldenu of Teaneck Gets a Visit From ‘The Little Mermaid’

The children of Gan Yaldenu of Teaneck enjoyed a special visit from Ariel of the “Little Mermaid” during Fairytales Week.

MTA Visits Local Day Camps

MTA rebbeim and staff members had a great time visiting and catching up with talmidim at Camp Regesh, Camp Shalom and Camp 613!

Moo! Roar! Tweet! It’s Animal Week at Camp Cochavim

This week was all about animals at Camp Cochavim. They took a trip to the zoo, had a barnyard carnival and got to be a part of the shofar factory!

Al Haderech Has Another Adventure-Filled Week

Al Haderech girls has another awesome week. They went to New York Liberty Game, Urban Air, Gulliver’s Gate, Museum of Natural History and the Bronx Zoo. They even slept over in an arcade!

Bruriah Teachers Attend Summer Sandbox

Teachers from Bruriah attended a three-day professional development summer run by The Idea Institute. The Summer Sandbox attracts educators to explore design thinking and project-based learning in a real and meaningful way by experiencing these processes. Margueya Poupko, chair of Bruriah’s English department said, “The sessions

Al Haderech Tots Travel to Israel

Safe landing! They packed their bags, got their passports ready, made it through security, boarded the plane and had an enjoyable snack for the long and exciting flight!