Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Students were busy this week in a variety of chesed activities that focused on varying generations, from children to the elderly. Students visited the Lester Senior Housing community as part of the Better Together program. Approximately 20 students visited the residents and worked on a project of compiling life lessons and inspiring anecdotes from the residents which will be compiled into a book at the end of the year. Students broke the ice, engaged with the residents, played games and began to forge new relationships with the senior citizens. Everyone involved is looking forward to the next visit.

Later in the week, with New Jersey public schools closed for Teacher’s Convention, RKYHS students took part in Friendship Day with Friendship Circle participants. The program allowed programming for the participants of Friendship Circle on their day off and was beneficial to the children’s parents as well. RKYHS students were paired with participants and everyone enjoyed a meaningful morning of art projects, ruach and dancing and fun activities in the gym with lower school gym teacher Mrs. Michal Robinson. A highlight of the programming was an aviation activity where everyone made and flew their own airplanes.