Sunday, December 09, 2018

Lena Koropey, founder of Gramercy Protocol, provides strategic business etiquette and communication skills counsel to Fortune 100 companies and entrepreneurs, representing some of the world’s most respected brands. She recently addressed students at RKYHS and, through her presentation, students gained an awareness about the impact technology has on how we relate to one another. They learned valuable tools on how to maximize communication in the digital age while building relationships based on trust, mutual respect, kindness and professionalism in diverse business and social settings. The interactive session built confidence and teamwork, increased self-awareness, developed leadership and communication skills, encouraged civility, and enhanced professionalism to help students achieve their best.

The talk appealed to the various types of learners. It covered the points above, from practical tips about putting away gadgets before speaking to someone, to a greater awareness of the impact our behavior has on others and how we can make the best impression. It also covered the importance of human interaction and how to navigate technology.