Tuesday, October 24, 2017

The winning RTMA team

After a season of dominance over the other schools competing in the first-ever CIJE Robotics Challenge, RTMA clinched the championship title in a final that was a “mad dash of coding and engineering,” as described by RTMA Principal Rabbi Ami Neuman, who accompanied the boys along with Robyn Brewer, the RTMA STEM department head.

The competition was broken down into four parts over the course of the school year, with each segment representing a unique match related to the overall challenge of creating a miniature robotic smart car of sorts that features sensors and an array of unique capabilities and functionalities.

“Our students came through with flying colors,” explained Rabbi Neuman. “They earned the respect of the judges and their peers alike.”

Members of the winning team include freshmen Jesse Lerner, Noam Preil, Aryeh Sheinson and Yitz Taragon; and junior Avi Szczupakiewicz.

The robotics final was held as part of the CIJE Innovation Day at the New York City Hilton this past Sunday, and aside from the winning team, RTMA sent twenty other teams with over forty students to compete in the other levels and areas of competition over the course of the day.

“The CIJE-STEM program represents learning at its core, growth through error and failure, and both the capacity and wherewithal to persist towards ultimate success,” said Rabbi Neuman.

“Earning first place in robotics,” he concluded, “was another validation of the hard work and ingenuity that these extremely talented young men are capable of. I am extremely and personally very proud also of the way the boys carried themselves and represented the Rav Teitz Mesivta Academy throughout the competition.”