Monday, August 19, 2019

Camp 613 campers created sea shell photo frames and took bunk Beach Day photos, which they then put into the frames as a lasting memento. (Credit: Camp 613)

The Beach Day parfaits were fun to make and delicious to eat. (Credit: Camp 613)

Camp 613 girls experienced a super fun Beach Day vacation! The girls created edible beach scenes made on top of yummy parfaits. Each parfait had “sand,” “beach blanket,” “beach ball,” and a “beach umbrella.” Then each bunk jumped over to the awesome beach themed photo booth where they took bunk pictures. These pictures were put in beautiful seashell frames that the budding artists made. Of course, what’s a beach day without an awesome game of limbo? The girls also played beach ball bowling. The older bunks played an epic game of human battleship. The competition was on! The girls were grouped into “ships” and the teams took turns throwing water balloons at each other to try to sink each other’s ships.