Monday, December 10, 2018

A first grader working on kriah at Camp 613. (Credit: Camp 613)

Rabbi Hyman makes nachat calls to parents, so they can enjoy the learning accomplishments of their children as they happen. (Credit: Camp 613)

The Camp 613 learning staff, including Rabbi Shlomo Hyman, Rabbi Willie Balk and Rochie Sommer, teaches campers Torah on their level. Though school is out, the amount of learning—both formal and informal—that happens at camp is tremendous! Preschool has a middah of the week, including topics such as kiddush Hashem, derech eretz and more. Campers going into first grade practice their kriah skills, while older campers learn Chumash, Rashi, Mishnayot, Megilat Rut and more. Everyone also learns Parshat Hashavua weekly, and goes home with stories and divrei Torah. Shiur is an interactive part of the day with an emphasis on text based skills and analytical thinking. The oldest boys learned hilchot tzitzit and then tied their own. At Camp 613, campers see that learning can be fun and engaging.