Monday, December 10, 2018

Tuna collection for Chesed 24/7. (Credit: Camp 613)

Preschoolers at Camp 613 running the Color Run for Yachad. (Credit: Camp 613)

The boys division got off to a running start at Camp 613’s Color Run for Yachad.

Camp 613 Girls Division running the Color Run for Yachad.

Camp 613 used the summer to focus on two acts of chesed. First, campers participated in the camp’s annual Tuna Can Drive. They collected cans of tuna which were then donated to Chesed 24/7 for use in stocking hospital bikur cholim rooms. Then they partnered with Yachad to host an epic Color Run. Campers raised over $6,000 as they enthusiastically ran with their divisions and counselors amid an array of colors. The excitement, unity and warmth that these two experiences brought to the camp was beautiful, and taught the campers that even the youngest ones can make a difference in the life of another person who is in a difficult situation.