Saturday, April 20, 2019

New principal of General Studies Barry Ehrlich.

TABC is proud to welcome Barry Ehrlich as its new principal of general studies. Mr. Ehrlich was a founding principal, and led the general studies department, at SAR High School and was most recently director of curriculum and instruction at the Maimonides School. Due to increased enrollment, TABC has hired a cadre of wonderful new general studies teachers of English, history, Ivrit and science to join its esteemed faculty. The expanded group is poised to build on TABC’s tradition of academic excellence and enhance the level of intellectual inquiry. Mr. Ehrlich joins a reconfigured administration, consisting of Head of School Rabbi Asher Yablok, Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi Yosef Adler, Dean Arthur Poleyeff and Judaic studies Principal Rabbi Ezra Wiener.

The already impressive team of TABC rebbeim will be receiving an infusion of new blood as well. Rabbi David Einhorn comes from SAR where he served as rebbe and yoetz ruchani and Rabbi Jonathan Kessel was a veteran member of the Judaic studies faculty at MTA, where he also served as a grade dean, ruach coordinator and assistant athletic director. He also taught honors gemara at Yeshivat Noam for many years. They will be joined by Rabbi Ari Zahtz, assistant rabbi at Congregation Bnai Yeshurun and assistant director of the Masmidim Honors Program at YU, and Rabbi Yechiel Bresler, rabbinic intern at Congregation Rinat Yisrael. Finally, Rabbi Zvi Sobolofsky, rabbi of Congregation Ohr HaTorah in Bergenfield and rosh yeshiva at YU, will be delivering a weekly shiur as well.

TABC also welcomes new Athletic Director Christopher Brantley and Assistant Director Donald Hennie. Mr. Brantley serves as the vice president of marketing at ASM Sports where he generates alternative revenue streams for clients, develops brands and works with national media outlets to promote campaigns. He is a former wide-receiver for the NFL’s Los Angeles Rams and Buffalo Bills. Mr. Hennie played professional basketball and has worked as a coach and trainer for the Junior Maccabi Games. Most recently, he’s worked as a trainer and coach at Northern Valley Sports Academy and City Sports in Englewood, organizing team party events and summer camp programs. TABC’s values of teamwork, sportsmanship, discipline and striving for excellence lie at the very core of the mission of its new athletic directors. With these talented, experienced professionals on TABC’s athletic team, along with the dedicated rebbeim who will be working in partnership with them, TABC expects to see a continuum of growth and energy in the department that will provide a healthy outlet for its students while maintaining the strong commitment to Torah values.