Sunday, October 21, 2018

On Wednesday, November 8, The SAR HS-Yachad Club partnered with Ohel Beis Ezra for the annual Thanksgiving event at SAR. Ohel brought 15 members and five chaperones. The program kicked off with the two groups bonding over a hot lunch. Following a brief introduction, SAR students worked together with the Ohel members in creating individualized Thanksgiving art books. Everyone in attendance colored, painted and cut to produce the ten page books. The Ohel members presented their impressive art work one at a time. The program concluded with dessert followed by a group picture. To quote Sarina Kofman, senior at SAR: “Yachad and Ohel members are always welcome at SAR. And even when they are not physically in the building, they are still part of the Sting Nation family.” Students look forward to the next Yachad event on Chanukah!