Friday, October 19, 2018

Moriah is once again expanding its learning options for students with the new co-taught math class by Mrs. Greenberg and Mrs. Levy in the middle school. Together, the teachers determine the curriculum and skills that they will teach and when a new skill is taught, they teach it together. Each teacher explains the new concept to the class in her own way so students benefit from multiple explanations from multiple perspectives. Students then work on the new skill while one teacher continues teaching the whole group and another surveys the students’ work and responses to formative assessments to determine who is ready for the next step. Once there are students who understand the new material and are ready to move on, those students then work in a smaller group with one teacher to complete more advanced problems to master the skill, while the other teacher continues teaching, giving further explanation.

Students then are under the supervision of each teacher to continue learning and mastering the skill either independently, one-on-one with a teacher or in a small group with a teacher. This creates a more individualized learning environment where students can move on to master a skill once they understand the basics while other students are still learning the new concept. This whole process is then repeated with the next new skill. Students have benefited greatly from this new class arrangement and have been able to move at their individual pace, allowing them to learn more material in a more meaningful way.