Thursday, January 24, 2019

On Tuesday, January 9, Ben Porat Yosef pre-k students studied clouds and rain and the tools that meteorologists use to predict the weather during a visit with BPY parent, and geography and meteorology buff, Stacy Goldstein, who came to share her knowledge of meteorology with them. The students watched a short video about all the different types of clouds and viewed images of clouds as photographed from satellites in space.

Goldstein showed them a satellite-generated, one-year time lapse video of the entire world that enabled students to observe the different colors of the land and learn what the colors can indicate about the land’s water content. The students also learned about hurricanes, cyclones and typhoons that can spin around in the oceans and the impact of these weather patterns, as well as the way meteorologists use color to indicate and track different weather, such as rain, snow and thunderstorms. Through the presentation they gained an appreciation of geography, and experienced an example of a systems approach to thinking, by observing the manner in which all weather systems are intertwined and affect each other.