Saturday, January 19, 2019

Moriah kindergarteners enjoyed a very special celebration—the completion of their star name unit. Over the past several months, every child and morah in class had an opportunity to be the star name. As a star name, each person was interviewed. The students examined different details about each name, helping them to grow as readers and writers. After each child was interviewed, the information was written in a book and illustrated by the star name person. When the book was completed, it was read aloud to the class.

Then, they were ready to celebrate! Each child had an opportunity to read their star name book. Afterwards, they enjoyed a special snack and munched on their names spelled out in pretzel sticks.

This study of names offered a wonderful opportunity for the children to observe and learn about the different letters and their sounds, and also to develop an appreciation and respect for one another in the classroom community.