Monday, June 17, 2019

SAR HS’s ninth grade enjoyed their first grade-wide tisch featuring Shabbat songs, great food and a Dvar Torah from ninth grade advisor and SLC teacher Eli Steier!

Steier spoke about trusting our inner light as Bnei Yisrael did during makat choshech, the plague of darkness. Just as the Jewish people were able to find trust in God when they had light, as opposed to their Egyptian masters, we can regain our humanity and trust ourselves and our friends to see each other with kindness and empathy and be a friend by opening our hearts.

Special thanks to Yoram Roschwalb for leading the rockin’ zemirot and Steier and the entire student activities team (Rabbi Kroll, Mr. Roschwalb, Shoco, Ms. Szafranski) for facilitating the amazing ruach along with all of the awesome ninth grade advisors! It was truly an inspiring tisch!