39 Avot Melacha = One Amazing Sunday Morning at RYNJ

This past Sunday RYNJ eighth grade students had the opportunity to enjoy an interactive hilchot Shabbat presentation by Josh Rossman (aka “Melacha Man”). After hearing explanations and instructions about the different equipment, the students tried out many of the melachot that are hard to visualize or experience because we live in a suburban, industrialized area. As part of the demonstration fresh hummus and grape juice were made (eating or drinking the results was purely voluntary). Many of our students can now appreciate how soothing spinning and weaving are, while recognizing that threshing and winnowing require a more aggressive approach. It was gratifying how many parents joined for the morning and how fun it was to have “mother daughter grape stomping” and sheep and deer selfies. This great workshop willshould be a springboard for a better understanding of the practical laws of Shabbat.