Monday, December 17, 2018

The JKHA theme this month in its monthly meaning program is simcha. The sixth grade looks forward to leading the school in this exciting adventure. Simcha will be enhanced throughout the building all month long. Each division will have exciting dress up days. Sixth graders will be creating a music playlist with songs including the word “simcha” in them to play each morning when the students arrive as well as during lunchtime. The school will also have a “Simcha Wall” in the hallway. When a student increases someone else’s simcha, they will receive a Marbim B’Simcha card to be put up.

The tzedaka this month will be going to Camp Simcha.

To kick off Rosh Chodesh Adar, all of JKHA participated in a school-wide simcha chagiga with everyone dressed in school-spirit colors of blue and orange! During the course of the day, each middle school grade was paired up with an early childhood or lower school class to experience a learning opportunity with a learning buddy, as well as to enjoy simcha dancing!