Friday, December 14, 2018

On Wednesday night, Frisch students and their families welcomed over 40 participants of Yachad into their school to celebrate Purim. This was a wonderful opportunity for all who participated to have an inclusive and fun Purim party! Together, Yachad and Frisch heard megillah, ate, danced and sang with along with Mordechai Shapiro. A highlight of the evening for Yachad participants was singing the special Mordecai Shapiro song “B’Yachad” written for Yachad onstage!

With over 1,300 people in attendance Yachad and Frisch truly felt the Purim spirit! Yachad participants were especially excited to be able to spend Purim along with friends from Frisch that they made at The Mendel Balk Yachad Adult Community Center. The Mendel Balk Center runs inclusive programming every night, with many students from Frisch attending weekly. Yachad is so happy and honored to be a part of the Frisch celebrations and looks forward to more programs together with Frisch in the future!