Monday, December 17, 2018

Ben Porat Yosef kindergarten students celebrated their advancing math, literacy and counting skills while also showing off their integrated understanding of a topic across several different disciplines. Some of the ways students celebrated 100 days of the academic year was by listing 100 words that they know how to spell; counting a quantity 100 of several different items such as pennies, Lego pieces, fruit loops and more. The students then divided the items appropriately, showing their early understanding of division skills. They calculated that 100 Hershey kisses divided by 20 students means each students gets five kisses; rolled dice as many times as necessary to reach the number 100; and demonstrated multiplication skills by building “10 x 10” snacks as part of a special construction zone celebration, among many other interactive learning activities and stations.

One kindergarten class also used the 100 pennies they meticulously counted to gift to the pre-k students, who then came by to “shop” with these pennies in a special Purim store that the kindergarten students had created. The store sold custom ra’ashanim and masks that the students had decorated, as well as oznei Haman that they had baked.