Wednesday, December 19, 2018

On Sunday night, February 25, more than 100 eighth graders from across the tri-state area had a blast at Ma’ayanot’s Welcome Event for the Class of 2022, held at Urban Air Adventure Park in Hackensack. They bounced on trampolines and bonded with each other as well as faculty and current students.

Principal Rivka Kahan shared a beautiful Dvar Torah about Megillat Esther and the potential for each student at Ma’ayanot to discover and reveal her true “malchut.” As Principal Kahan explained, the word “megillah” sounds similar to the word “legalot,” “to reveal.” When Esther wore regal clothing, the Megillah says, “Vatilbash Esther malchut,” “And Esther wore royalty.” She revealed her new persona and recognized that her newfound dignity and pride came from her family, her legacy and ruach hakodesh. “Everyone has incredible, unique potential inside and the potential to bring that out to the world. At Ma’ayanot you will find the dignity, pride and courage to bring out what lies inside of you,” she told the students. “We are so excited to share in your journey over the next four years.”

Freshman representatives Hannah Greenberg and Molly Norman encouraged the incoming students to get involved in school life and shared some welcome advice.

“It was wonderful to feel the energy, warmth and friendship in the room, which are all part of the Ma’ayanot experience,” said Dena Block, director of admissions.