Tuesday, June 25, 2019

On Monday, December 31, 40 Yavneh Academy middle school volunteers joined Friendship Circle staff and twenty Friendship Circle campers for a great mini-camp experience. The day began with a meet and greet where campers and counselors met and played games, built with magna-tiles and colored. After davening in the beit midrash, the group quickly left for a trip to TurtleBoo where they climbed and experienced fun adventures.

The fun continued with everyone’s return to Yavneh. Gym and dance activities entertained everyone and the day concluded with art project and tech projects. Each camper worked with Chatterpix, an app that allows one to take a picture and then transform that picture with a talking animation. Each camper left with his own Chatterpix.

Thank you to Zeesy Grossbaum, director of the Bergen County Friendship Circle chapter, and her staff for allowing us to participate. Kudos to Yavneh Academy Friendship Circle presidium composed of Sam Adler, Sivan Kramarz, Daniel Sarasohn and Menukhah Yaghoubzar, and Yavneh’s seventh grade chairmen, Ilana Loskove and Eliana Kieffer, for facilitating the programming. Yasher koach to Dr. Aliza Frohlich for attending the trip, Aliza Hiller for setting up the gym program, to Pam Simchi for preparing an art project and to Tova Burack for training the campers and counselors in the art of Chatterpix.