Thursday, June 20, 2019

Smadar Goldstein, of JETS Israel, welcomed close to 40 educators to the JSTEAM conference, The Rise of Gluten and Geulah: Bread in yetziat Mitzrayim. Yavneh Academy hosted the event and educators from Bergen and Union County yeshivot, including Yavneh, Noam, RYNJ, Gerrard Berman and JEC, and were joined by professionals from New York, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Connecticut.

JSTEAM’s mission is the meaningful integration of STEAM skills into Judaic studies. One of Yavneh’s goals is to develop a multidisciplinary approach where themes can be examined in both general and Judaic studies classes. Goldstein’s lesson focused on “Pesach—Matzah and Bread,” the science of how yeast, flat bread and sourdough breads are actually made. Videos were shared, quizlets designed and various projects were explored. All material could easily be transferred to the classroom.

JSTEAM has a growing library of lessons to enhance JSTEAM education. Thank you to Goldstein for an excellent presentation. Thank you to Rabbi Steven Penn, Yavneh Academy lower school principal, for coordinating the event.