Sunday, August 25, 2019

Moriah early childhood recently had a great time at the Matzah Factory! After helping tell the story of Yetziat Mitzrayim, the children mixed, rolled and poked the flour and water mixture to make their very own matzot. They raced against the clock in order to have it all done very quickly. It came out crunchy and flat, just the way matzah should be. The day before, they mixed flour, water, eggs, oil, sugar and yeast to make challot. That took all day! After mixing and kneading, it needed to sit and rest. Then, they braided it and let it sit some more. Baking it in the oven took a long time, too. Once it was finished, it was fluffy and puffy. Now they know why the avadim needed to make matzah and not challah on their way out of Mitzrayim. They needed to leave b’chipazon—in a hurry—with their matzah on their backs!