Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Ma’ayanot 10th graders participated in an enriching Interdisciplinary Day on the topic of conflict and resolution. Chani Rotenberg, history department chair and co-chair of Interdisciplinary Programming, explained, “The program aimed to broaden our students’ perspectives about the nature of conflict—personal, communal, national, global—and possibilities for resolution. Our goal is to enrich students’ learning beyond the classroom.”

Keynote speaker was Daniella Greenbaum Davis, a well-known opinion columnist, host of the weekly political podcast “Censored in the City,” and a Ma’ayanot alumna. She spoke about “Conflict Resolution in the Media: Tales from a Journalist.” Student Sonia Weiner commented on the keynote, “The most important take-away is that in order to reach a resolution one really has to listen to the other person and assume they have something to contribute even if they’re ‘wrong.’”

Students then chose among faculty sessions that addressed topics including an analysis of Rav Soloveitchik’s approach to interfaith dialogue, learning the art of constructive disagreement, the concept of machloket l’shem shamayim, and others. Student Leebie Levine reflected on the day, “I gained a broader understanding of major ongoing conflicts in history and in our everyday lives.”