Monday, December 16, 2019

On Sunday November 3, Ben Porat Yosef hosted its annual early childhood grandparent event featuring brunch and a bubble show. Over 200 people attended, from as far away as Phoenix, Israel and throughout the tri-state area. Grandparents brought their grandchildren to the annual event which is a highlight for both generations every year. Morah Jessica Kohn, beloved early childhood director and founding educator welcomed both grandparents and students individually with warmth and enthusiasm. This event is the first Grandparent Circle event of the year. At Ben Porat Yosef, grandparents are vital members of the community. Grandparent Circle is an annual program designed to further grandparents’ involvement in their grandchildren’s life and develop a closer connection to their education through special events, communications and enabling grandparents to have a deep impact on Jewish education for the next generation. There is something very special when children see their grandparents making time to get involved in their grandchildren’s school. What a powerful message to send to children that their school is an incredible place where they can bond together and create lasting memories. BPY Grandparent Circle events do just that!

Mara Malka of Oyster Bay, New York, grandmother of two BPY students spoke about the event saying “It was a special and meaningful way for a grandparent to spend time with their grandchildren and to meet other grandparents. The excitement on their faces and feeling proud to show where they go to school creates a memorable time.” Head of School Rabbi Saul Zucker said, “Our beautiful masoret is centered around an unbroken chain from “dor l’dor,” generation to generation. From Ya’akov Avinu, the first patriarch to learn with his grandchildren, our grandfathers and grandmothers have carefully nurtured the future of our people. At BPY, we cherish this priceless treasure for ourselves and our children.” For more information about Ben Porat Yosef please visit www.benporatyosef.org