Wednesday, April 08, 2020

On Monday, November 11, students in TABC’s senior elective Holocaust Studies class participated in a unique yom iyun at the Museum of Jewish Heritage in New York City. As soon as they stepped off of the bus, they were faced with the sobering sight of a cattle car sitting at the entrance to the museum. This was their chilling introduction to the special “Auschwitz- Long Ago and Far Away” exhibit, which is being featured at the museum as a limited engagement. Under the guidance of their docent, the students were able to view and examine the many artifacts from the infamous death camp. After a brief lunch break, the boys met Holocaust survivor Fred Terno, who shared his harrowing experiences. After his talk, several students asked questions and Terno was extremely open and honest in sharing his feelings about his past. From their workshop with Terno, the students went back to view additional artifacts from the museum’s core exhibit, tracing the lives of Jews in Europe before and during the Holocaust. On Tuesday, November 19, students met survivor Dr. Alex Levy right in their classroom. Dr. Levy described his years living under Nazi rule, and ultimately being hidden in a Catholic orphanage as a Christian. The Holocaust Studies elective is taught by history department chair Cary Reichardt and culminates in a live performance based on the testimonials of survivors.