Tuesday, May 22, 2018


MTA Teams Sweep Yeshiva Robotics Competition

The MTA robotics teams ended their season on a very high note, after one team made it to the First Tech Challenge East Super Regional. After the East Super Regional was over, the future team captains, Dovi Pfeiffer, Akiva Richman and Netanel Tager, completed another robot to see if the juniors could lead the

Anshei Lubavitch Preschoolers Go to Space

Morah Leah’s gimmel class continued their transportation unit with a special solar system week. Students came to school on Monday and found that the classroom had been transformed into outer space complete with astronaut and alien costumes. Over the week, the students brought the solar system theme into their

He’Atid Kindergarten Presents Recycle City

As a culmination of a number of learning units, Yeshivat He’Atid kindergarteners built a city completely out of recycled material. Students used their urban planning skills to decide which institutions and structures to include and utilized their newly-acquired map skills to draw a map complete with a key! All buildings in Recycle City were

TABC’s 10th Graders Create Romantic Era Coffeehouse

Mrs. Edelman’s English 10H class, in character as writers, artists, composers and philosophers of the Romantic Era, hosted the rest of the 10th grade at a Romantic Era Coffeehouse, complete with composer Ludwig Van Beethoven and artist Thomas Cole as baristas. 10H students were tasked with informing the audience

LPS Studies Butterflies

Preschoolers at Lubavitch on the Palisades learned all about the life cycle of a caterpillar and its transformation into a butterfly. Each class received its own set of caterpillars and the children recorded their observations in journals as each caterpillar fattened, wrapped itself into a chrysalis and emerged as a

Yeshivat Frisch Attends Model Beit Din at Yeshiva University

Yeshivat Frisch’s Model Beit Din club visited Yeshiva University on April 23, along with faculty adviser Rabbi Gedaliah Jaffe. There, they discussed their halachic arguments before YU Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi Baruch Simon about the hypothetical “case of the poisoned sandwich.”

The students’

SAR HS Holds Bone Marrow Registry Drive

On Tuesday, April 11 SAR HS hosted “The Gift of Life Bone Marrow Registry” drive during advisory for juniors and seniors. Dr. Yardaena Osband addressed the students, explaining how the process works, the potential life-saving possibilities and why her family is committed to this amazing cause. Faculty members who had

Moriah Early Childhood Learns to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Moriah nursery kids are helping to save the planet! They’re learning about reducing, reusing and recycling. The kids were introduced to a puppet named Wasteful Wally. Wasteful Wally made one or two little marks on a paper and then threw it away. We asked the kids if that was OK and encouraged them to think about reducing

MTAPAC Heads to Washington

After weeks of preparation and training, 45 student members of the MTA political action club headed to Washington, D.C. on April 23, for a successful day of lobbying. Students met with Congress and Senate staffers and discussed the impending U.S. embassy move to Jerusalem, the Taylor Force Act, BDS and other

Yavneh Academy Wins Spring 2018 Stock Market Game

Yavneh Academy finished in first and second place, as well as third, fifth, seventh and 10th places, out of 544 middle school teams competing in the 2018 Spring Stock Market Games in the Northern New Jersey Division. The first place team, all sixth graders, led by Noah Abrahams, Aidan Cohnen and Moshe Nadritch also finished in

BPY Student Scientists Conduct Class in Outdoor Classroom

Ben Porat Yosef’s outdoor classroom was active during the past week, blurring the walls between inside and outside learning and allowing the students to experience nature. Second grade students dug up different objects that they buried last October to see what happened to them. They discovered that some items

Yeshivat Noam Second Graders Are Scientists

Using tweezers and magnifying glasses, Yeshivat Noam second grade scientists dissected owl pellets and identified the bones they found inside.