Friday, October 19, 2018


LPS Celebrates Rosh Hashanah

Preschool children at Lubavitch on the Palisades prepared for Rosh Hashanah with special games, crafts, songs and activities. The children learned all about how bees make honey and had a taste of sweetness for the new year when they enjoyed a special snack of apples dipped in honey.

Tenafly Chabad Academy Celebrates First Day of First Grade

Tenafly Chabad Academy welcomes the graduating class of 2026.

Yeshivat Noam Alumni Reunite

Yeshivat Noam alumni gathered on motzei Shabbat for a night of reconnecting while playing basketball and reciting Selichot together.

‘iForgive’: Rabbi Larry Rothwachs Addresses Ma’ayanot at Kinus Teshuva

At Ma’ayanot’s annual Kinus Teshuva shiur, which was held on Tzom Gedaliah, Rabbi Larry Rothwachs of Congregation Beth Aaron of Teaneck, director of professional rabbinics at Yeshiva University’s Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary (RIETS), and former Ma’ayanot parent, spoke to students on the topic “iForgive: Real

Yavneh ECD Students Learn the Story of Yonah

Yavneh Academy gan classes learned the story of Yonah in preparation for Yom Kippur. The children discussed the power of teshuva and had fun pretending to be Yonah stuck in the stomach of the great big fish.

Heichal Commemorates 9/11

On Thursday, September 12, Heichal HaTorah held a special assembly to commemorate the events of Sept 11, 2001. An uplifting video was shown, and survivor Avi Fried addressed the student body, describing the miraculous story of his survival. The students came away inspired to live lives of chesed and to never take

MTA Kicks Off Another Amazing Year of Learning With Mishmar Madness

MTA kicked off another amazing year of learning with Mishmar Madness, an optional learning program which takes place every other month after regular Thursday night mishmar. More than 130 talmidim participated in this incredible event, which included chaburahs with YU talmidim, meaningful shiurim with MTA rebbeim

BPY Nursery Learns About Sukkot

Ben Porat Yosef’s Nursery school students learn about the schach atop each sukkah.

Leah Sokoloff Kids Make New Friends in the New Year

The children at the Leah Sokoloff Nursery School of Shomrei Torah in Fair Lawn are enjoying their new friends in the new school year. They made friendship handprints in conjunction with learning about Yom Kippur and are looking forward to visiting the shul sukkah and making their very own sukkah creations.

RYNJ Joins Annual Day of Jewish Unity

RYNJ proudly participated in the second annual Day of Jewish Unity that commemorates the yahrtzeit of the Chofetz Chaim zt”l. Rabbi Daniel Price, head of school, introduced and recited two perakim of Tehillim to the entire school, which were then said in unison.

Moriah Starts School Year With High Energy

With the hustle and bustle of students in the halls, school is back in full force! The students arrived to the first day of school with excitement. They were thrilled to see one another and eager to share their summer happenings. By 8:00 a.m. students were signing in to the new attendance system, and the sweet sound of

Yeshivat Noam Girls Learn Mishna

Yeshivat Noam’s seventh grade girls learning the shisha sidrei Mishna, the order of the Mishna in, Rabbi Jason Finkelstein’s gemara class.