Saturday, December 07, 2019


Tenafly Chabad Academy Students Say Tehillim

The children in Tenafly Chabad Academy, all grades, gathered in the beit knesset to say Tehillim for the safety and well being of all our brothers and sisters in Eretz Yisrael.

Gan Henel Explores Fall

Gan Henel twos class enjoyed a fall exploration and discovery time by interacting and creating collages over natural loose parts.

Ma’ayanot Freshmen Bond At Overnight

Ma’ayanot freshmen had a great time bonding together and with their senior fellows at an overnight in school. They enjoyed sports, karaoke, challah baking, ruach and more.

Yavneh Academy Does Hachnasat Orchim

Yavneh Academy students learned about the important mitzvah of hachnasat orchim, inviting guests, in last week’s Parshat Vayera. The yeladim enthusiastically shared stories of how their families fulfill this mitzvah on Shabbat each week in their own homes. A classroom ohel was created and friends were invited

KC Kids Welcomes Fall

Students in KC Kids at He’Atid welcomed the fall season by learning all about leaves. They compared and contrasted the shapes, sizes and textures of leaves! They named different kinds of trees and finished off with a colorful leaf rubbing as well. Students love to explore, learn and work together!

RYNJ Has Great Tent Event

Parashat Vayera afforded the opportunity for the students of RYNJ to learn about the midot of our forefathers and to emulate them in a very special way. This past Friday RYNJ had its annual Tent Event. A huge tent was erected in the main concourse that was reminiscent of Avraham and Sarah’s tent, open on all

Gan Yaldenu Tots of Bergenfield Has Family Day

This past Sunday was family fun day at Gan Yaldenu tots. The school welcomed all the families in the school for a day of fun. There were a variety of activities throughout the day. There was a face paint section, arts and crafts, Hebrew music and dancing, interactive puppet show and family pictures from Abbie Sophia

LPS Runs Mystery Reader Program

Preschool parents at Lubavitch on the Palisades were invited to participate in the Mystery Reader program. At a time secretly coordinated with their child’s teacher, parents schedule a time to join their children’s class for story time. Children are so excited to find out who the surprise reader will be and are especially

TABC Wins NCSY JUMP Competition

TABC’s delegation won first place in the annual JUMP competition, NCSY’s National Leadership Program that trains and empowers high school students from all over the United States to become leaders. Teams from 14 different schools were challenged to identify a problem facing Jewish teens and propose and implement an initiative

The Idea School Welcomes Prospective Students At Open House

The Idea School welcomed a record crowd of prospective students and guests to its Open House on Wednesday November 6. Guests represented over 20 schools across the tri-state area. In addition to hearing about The Idea School’s innovative model, guests experienced a PBL lesson first-hand in humanities, engineering and

Yeshivat Noam ‘Parents Night Out’ Held at Bury The Hatchet

Under the leadership of the Yeshivat Noam Parents Association (YNPA), parents had an awesome night mingling, eating and of course hatchet throwing, at Bury the Hatchet on Motzei Shabbat. Thank you to event co-chairs Shira Moer and Pamela Joseph, and committee members, for organizing a fantastic Parents Night

Ma’ayanot STEAM Talks Give Students Inspiration For Future Careers

Energetic music and colorful lighting set the tone of excitement for Ma’ayanot’s STEAM Talks on Monday, November 11. Organized by Sara Resnick of the Ma’ayanot science and STEAM departments, the talks were an opportunity for students to meet Orthodox women in STEAM careers. Leora Platt Mishan, creative