Wednesday, April 24, 2019


TABC Holds Special Pre-Pesach Learning Program

On April 9, TABC held a very special after-school program. The talmidim were joined by Rabbi Daniel Kalish, the head of the Waterbury Yeshiva, accompanied by a number of his talented students. What followed was an unbelievable two and a half hour evening. Rabbi Kalish spoke about how Pesach is a time to remind ourselves that we can make

Gan Yavneh Nursery Loves Matzah

Gan Yavneh Nursery prepared for Pesach by tasting matzah! All the yeladim learned that we eat matzah because we left Mitzrayim FAST! They cannot wait to eat more matzah at the Seder! The infants class also inspired their beautiful Pesach pillows by posing for Pesach photos!

Frisch Welcomes Alumni for Pre-Pesach Shiur Series

Yeshivat Frisch was thrilled to welcome numerous alumni over the past week for a series of pre-Pesach shiurim. On April 11, Rabbi Andrew Israeli delivered a lecture titled “The Four Kids on the Block,” about the four sons in the Passover Haggadah. On April 12, Rabbi Joshua Schulman spoke on “Reliving Redemption.”

Matzah Factory Visits Yeshivat He’Atid

Thank you to Rabbi Moshe Grossbaum of Chabad of Paramus for bringing his interactive matzah baking to Yeshivat He’Atid. The shorashim and preschool students loved it and learned so much, and had fun too!

JEC Middle School Runs Model Seder for Holocaust Survivors

The Pesach Seder is a beautiful part of Jewish tradition connecting generations, and JEC Middle School students had the opportunity to connect with previous generations in a very meaningful way. The sixth, seventh and eighth grade boys joined with Holocaust survivors to participate in a model Seder at the Cafe Europa group

BCHSJS Jewish Volunteer Corp Enjoys Brunch With Daughters of Miriam Residents

In the Jewish tradition, there is a mitzvah to honor the elderly. At the Bergen County High School of Jewish Studies students take part in a service learning class entitled the Jewish Volunteer Corp. In this class, the students are actively involved in volunteering with a group of residents at the Daughters of Miriam in

RKYHS Students Enjoy Mock Seder in Pre-Pesach Tisch

The student-led Jewish Life Committee at RKYHS put everyone in the Pesach mood as they planned a pre-Pesach tish. The model Seder was cleverly put together by the JLC students with delicious and creative approaches to karpas, marror and charoset. For Magid, students enjoyed a competitive and clever school-wide

RPRY Has Matzah Mania

Pesach is in the air! RPRY’s early childhood and first grade had a special visit from the Chabad of North Brunswick Matzah Factory! After helping tell the story of Yetziat Mitzrayim, the students baked their own delicious matzah from scratch. From grinding the wheat kernels to mixing the flour with water to

Performing Arts Academy @ GBDS Showcases Talent in ‘Red Sea Blues’

In its 14th year of production, right in time for Passover, the Performing Arts Academy @ GBDS presented Red Sea Blues on Wednesday, April 10, to a sold our theater at the Wayne Y. The talented team of directors, Beth Paley, Einat Pinsker and Zina Knop meshed seamlessly, and the creative juices overflowed! Red Sea

Ma’ayanot Holds Israeli Elections

Ma’ayanot held Israeli elections this week. Students representing 10 parties presented their platforms and political ads. Sarah Gordon, director of Student Activities and Experiential Education, asked voters to decide based on their personal values: How do you balance a Jewish state and democracy? What about

Moriah Family Mishmar Program Continues Strong

As part of the popular Moriah Family Mishmar program, last Monday night was the special pre-Pesach Family Mishmar. Among the 60 participants in attendance there were parents and grandparents, including a chavruta of three generations. With delicious food catered by Carlos and Gabby’s, the evening started with

Yavneh Academy Sixth Graders Hold Digital Citizenship Fair

Do you know how to safely surf the web? Would you know what to do if you saw someone get cyber-bullied? What is the proper way to send an email? What does your digital footprint say about you? This year, the Yavneh Academy sixth graders have been studying digital citizenship, where they learn the answers to these