Friday, April 03, 2020


Naaleh Takes Academic, Spiritual, Social-Emotional and Extracurricular Programming to Zoom

Over the last few weeks, schools across the world have been charged to digitize the daily academic experience for their students. Naaleh has adapted seamlessly to this new landscape, simulating an all-encompassing, virtual Naaleh experience that runs the gamut from academic to spiritual, social-emotional and

[email protected] Brings Student Activities Home

MTA talmidim and families have been enjoying an incredible array of fun activities in the comfort of their own homes. From regular club meetings to exciting events, everyone had a blast! Activities included a pizza-making ZoomLunch for sophomores with Rabbi Konigsberg and Rabbi Soniker, a yeshiva-wide cholent club

MTA Debate Team Holds Virtual Debate

On Wednesday, March 25, MTA’s Debate Team met and debated the topic of whether or not the Electoral College should be eliminated. The resolution was that the United States should dissolve the Electoral College system. Alumni and former Debate Team captains Noam Mayerfeld (‘19) and Benny Mermel (‘19) as well as senior

Specialties Are Just as Special at BPY BaBayit

Specialties continue to be an important part of students’ days, even though they are learning from home. The structure and format may have changed a bit, but BPY students continue to have opportunities to use multiple intelligences as they explore music, art, science and gym. In music, students have continued to

Yeshivat Noam Sixth Graders Hear From Author

The Yeshivat Noam sixth graders in Mrs. Kurtz’s English class were privileged to zoom with Tom Rogers, author of the book “Eleven,” which they just finished reading. “Eleven” is about a boy who turns 11 on 9/11 and the challenges his family and neighbors face. Rogers shared how writing fiction can help us process

Moriah Eighth Graders Use Kahoot to Review Halachot of Pesach

Rabbi Lipstein used unique teaching tools to help review the halachot of Pesach with his eighth grade girls class. With the help of Kahoot, the girls were able to put their Pesach knowledge to the test through some friendly competition. Congratulations to the winner—Mia Friedman!

Learning Megillat Rut Through Art at The Idea School

In the sophomore beit midrash, students are studying Megillat Rut through in depth learning of the text and discussions. At the same time, the students are learning how to cartoon, so they can illustrate their own versions of the story of Rut, ones that reflect the text and commentaries they’re learning. Some

BPY BaBayit Promotes STEM And Free Play in Early Childhood

In early childhood, STEM and guided free play challenges were added to all of the class schedules. As early childhood educators and parents know, young children learn best through play and not through screens. Students have really enjoyed these exciting and engaging opportunities, especially now that the weather

Yavneh Redhawks Rock Rosh Chodesh

Yavneh Academy students ushered in Chodesh Nisan with a schedule filled with special programming. Students participated in an inspiring musical Hallel. Younger students joined with Chazan and Mrs. Motzen and older students joined with Simcha Leiner. Students were treated to a fantastic magic show by the talented Ben Cohen. Yavneh children of

Bruriah High School Programming Continues to Move Students

Bruriah High School students have been offered countless amazing programs throughout the past two weeks. Most recently, they enjoyed a Zoom-ba dance fitness opportunity with Tziporah Gelman from Frumba Chicago. Other programs included: Zoomzitz led by students (kumzitz on Zoom), virtual baking program; Mincha Minute, a brief moment

JEC Middah Of the Month Is Seder V’Nikayon

JEC rolled out the midah of the month: seder v’nikayon (cleanliness) at the virtual Erev Shabbos oneg. Students were challenged to “BAM-Be A Mentch” as they help their parents prepare for Pesach at home!

Yeshivat He’Atid Learns About Energy

In this week’s science class the seventh and eighth graders learned about potential and kinetic energy and how it can be applied to Newton’s Laws of Motion. To demonstrate their understanding, the students were challenged into engineering their own version of Newton’s Cradle using household items. After some