Saturday, August 18, 2018


The Fun Goes on at Camp Kef/Ma’alot

Camp Kef and Ma’alot are having a blast! Join the fun and get ready for summer 2019!

Mesorah Experience Campers Join Siblings in Camp Mesorah

Camp Kef/Ma’alot Is the Place to Be

Ma’alot has something new and fun- specialty tracks! These are cool and innovative ways to give the older campers more choices in their day to day activities.

LSNS Has Fun With Animals, Dr. Lizzack and Summer Olympics

The children at The Leah Sokoloff Nursery School enjoyed a fun week of visits from their favorite animal friends. The Tenafly Nature Center came with a big snake and a 60-year-old turtle! Dr. Jason Lizzack taught campers how to care for their teeth and the children all got to brush the teeth of his stuffed animal dinosaur!

Chabad Kiddie Camp of Teaneck Goes to Billy Beez

Ice Cream Truck Visits Al Haderech Tots

Camp Regesh Has Color Run Fun

Camp Regesh campers had another fabulous week practicing archery, cooling off in the pool, wearing their favorite jerseys and going cup fishing in the beautiful stream.

Camp Kef/Ma’alot Has Fun in the Sun

Camp Kef/Ma’alot is a fun and exciting place to be during the summer! There are so many activities for the campers to do such as art, dance/movement and sports.

Camp Regesh Rocks Out

Camp Regesh has been fun filled with a concert from Mordechai Shapiro, horseback riding, boating and competing in our girls leagues!!!

Don’t Break the Ice at Camp Shalom

In keeping with summer theme of #GetInTheGame, last week’s theme day fun focused on the cold for our very own version of Don’t Break the Ice! Activities included painting with ices, building our own snowmen, edible igloo fun, don’t slip on the “ice” and lots more!

Color War Shines at Summer Playland

What an amazing week! Color war brings out the best in everyone. The cheering, the achdus, the fun! Congrats to team red on winning, but truly, all the campers were winners, since every child shone.

Camp 613 Girls Enjoy Color War

Camp 613 girls color war included many competitions, such as skate races, swim races, Apache relay, songs and zumba dances. Each camper was given her own chance to shine!