Tuesday, June 25, 2019


Yavneh Academy Holds Parade of Champions

In recognition of the 2018-2019 middle school champions in both academic and sports competitions, Yavneh hosted a Parade of Champions on Tuesday, June 11. The school spirit was tangible as students and faculty gathered to cheer on a procession of the champions as they marched down the Yavneh “Canyon of

Gan Yavneh Nursery Celebrates Father’s Day

Gan Yavneh welcomed dads, abbas, grandpas and special men in their lives for a Father’s Day party. The yeladim decorated hats, sang songs and enjoyed a breakfast together. Happy Father’s Day to all!

The Idea School Creates Reading Garden at Kaplen JCC

The Idea School students and faculty revitalized a neglected outdoor space at the JCC. They pruned dead branches, seeded, repurposed old materials into benches and planters and ultimately built a beautiful and immersive space to read and tell stories that will be remembered for generations.

BPY Fourth Grade Performs at Carnegie Hall

BPY’s fourth grade embarked upon an exciting journey that led them to Carnegie Hall! Through their participation in the Weill Music Institute’s Link Up program, the students explored melodies from a range of colorful orchestral repertoire, song, playing the recorder and performing in a culminating concert at

University of Rochester Awards Top MTA Juniors

The University of Rochester sponsors four prestigious awards on an annual basis, recognizing high school juniors outstanding achievements in leadership and academics. MTA is proud to announce this year’s awardees: Moshe Inger, of New City, received the Bausch & Lomb Honorary Science Award, which recognizes high achievement in

TABC Holds Post-Finals Hashkafa Kollel

TABC’s 17th annual post-finals Hashkafa Kollel had an inspirational hit last week. Twenty talmidim took a deep dive into the fascinating subject of olam haba. Discussions focused on why, on the one hand, we do not emphasize olam haba and yet it is a life altering concept, why the Chumash does not explicitly discuss olam haba and

Moriah Kindergarten Visits First Grade

How excited the Moriah kindergarten children were to walk to the first grade classroom knowing that in just two short months, they will be entering those doors for the first time as first graders! The children came with a list of questions that they were hoping the first graders could answer for them. They compared what

JEC Fifth Grade Visits Franklin Institute

JEC’s fifth grade wrapped up a wonderful year of learning with a trip to the Franklin Institute. The world famous museum lived up to its reputation. The students had a great time exploring the hands on exhibits and learning about topics ranging from train engines to physics to sports. The students were

Bruriah Celebrates Nashim Tzidkaniyot

In an evening dedicated to nashim tzidkaniyot, Bruriah’s sixth grade honored Jewish women past and present. As part of their bat mitzvah program, the students took the opportunity to learn about their individual family heritage and discover their roots. Elana Frank’s grandmother, Jane Behrmann, who traveled

RKYHS Computer Science Students Plan Escape the Room Challenges

The RKYHS ninth grade computer science students officially opened their Escape Rooms to the faculty and other students. The culminating project for the class enabled the students to develop their own Escape Room themes and develop websites and Virtual Reality environments as well as physical room models using

JKHA Students Add Meaning to Their Tefillot

As a culmination of their year-long tefillah class, eighth grade girls participated in a meaningful tefillah program. After Shacharit, and leading Hallel for the middle school girls in honor of Rosh Chodesh, there was a breakfast where each eighth grade girl was given a gift of an artistic Kriat Shema of their

JKHA Eighth Grade Studies Hydraulics for Science Fair

The JKHA eighth graders were excited to share their final projects at this year’s science fair. The theme was hydraulics and students researched the science of hydraulics, studying its impact and use in the world. Their work culminated in designing and building a hydraulics machine reinforcing their learning by