Wednesday, April 24, 2019


MTA Lobbies for Israel on Capitol Hill

On Thursday, April 11, a group of 54 MTA talmidim and faculty headed to Washington, D.C. for MTA Israel advocacy club, Hatzioni’s, annual lobbying mission, known as MTAPAC. The group was also joined by alumni, including Josh Appel, who is currently in shana bet at Yeshivat Hakotel and felt it was important to

Yad Vashem Presents to Yeshivat He’Atid Students

Yeshivat He’Atid’s fifth, sixth and seventh graders were extremely fortunate to participate in a special exhibit from Yad Vashem, known as No Child’s Play. No Child’s Play focuses on toys, games, artwork, diaries and poems, highlighting some of the personal stories of the children and providing a glimpse

RYNJ Visits Outer Space

The fifth graders at RYNJ had an in-house field trip with Cosmic IQ, a traveling planetarium. After entering the mobile dome, students watched a full dome movie with 3D simulations that guided them through outer space. The movie included a tour of the planets and the moon, as well as outer galaxies that showed

TABC Enjoys Israeli Café

In celebration of completing the Hebrew unit about food and how to order food in a restaurant, some of the 11th grade classes hosted an Israeli Cafe event where they made fresh Israeli food, including Israeli salad, french fries and fresh hummus. This was another opportunity to bring some Israeli culture to our students and start the

Naaleh Runs Program on Body Image, Health and Self Esteem

This week, Naaleh students participated in a program about body image in teenagers, emphasizing how body image is not just about one’s physical appearance, but also about how individuals view themselves in their own minds. In an engaging discussion facilitated by school psychologist Dr. Ruth Glasser, the girls considered factors that

Moriah Holds Mock Israeli Elections

The Moriah School held school-wide mock Israeli elections on Tuesday April 9. The goal of the mock elections was to connect students to events in Israel, teach them about Israeli politics and broaden their understanding of political systems through a comparison of the American system of government and the Israeli

BPY MS Invests in the Stock Market

BPY middle school has joined schools around the country in the Stock Market Game. This Spring, students will have the opportunity to “invest” $100,000 in the stock market. Through this game, the students will learn about teamwork, collaboration, decision making, the stock market and gain an understanding of how to make

TABC Holds Blood Drive

TABC hosted another highly successful spring blood drive on April 11. This year, TABC surpassed all previous blood drives, as 75 pints of blood were collected. Students, faculty and walk-ins from the community comprised the donors. Representatives from “The Gift of Life” program were swabbing peoples cheeks. Local eateries generously

Yavneh Academy Chesed Team Visits Teaneck Nursing Center

This past Sunday Yavneh’s Chesed Team was excited to have their second event. Members of the chesed team proudly wore their Chesed Team T-shirts as they entered the Teaneck Nursing Center for a matzah-making activity. As students arrived, they each found a resident to get to know as they first decorated Bedikat

MTA Juniors Enjoy Last Shiur In-Shabbat of the Year

Shabbat April 5-6, marked the third and final in-Shabbat for MTA talmidim in Rabbi Mendelson’s junior shiur. Rabbi Mendelson hosts in-Shabbotot for his talmidim before every major bechina to provide them with the opportunity to bond together as a shiur and study as a group with guidance from their rebbe. In preparation for their

Tenafly Chabad Academy Third Grade Celebrates the Writing Process

TCA third graders celebrated a very special occasion this past week. It was their publishing party! After learning about and working through all the stages of the writing process, it was finally time to share their personal narratives with family and friends and they did so very proudly. The students put on a

BPY Mitzvah Bakers Donate Tzedaka

BPY fifth graders took action when it came to the mitzvah of Maot Chitim. The students prepared a campaign with posters to advertise their bake sale. Students, parents and faculty were eagerly anticipating Friday when the bake sale was to take place. What an array of freshly baked goods baked with love by kitah