Friday, October 19, 2018


Yeshivat Noam Early Childhood Students Enjoy Parshat Noach Petting Zoo

RKYHS Kicks Off Cheshvan With Rosh Chodesh Chizuk Program

Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan kicked off at RKYHS with the Rosh Chodesh chizuk program. Designed to give students an ongoing opportunity to strengthen their growth, small groups of students focused on learning about areas of interest, inspiration and struggle for them. Topics such as five paths to a more meaningful life,

JEC Early Childhood Has Mabul Party

The JEC Early Childhood kicked off their Rosh Chodesh celebrations with a special mabul party in honor of Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan. The children participated in parshat Noach related activities such as matching toy animals, enjoying water fun and of course and eating animal crackers. Throughout the mabul party, the

RYNJ Sixth Graders Conquer Camp Vacamus

Imagine flying through the air on a swinging tire, balancing yourself on a thin wire rope, running through the fields playing “Huggy Baby” or collaborating with your friends to unravel a human knot! RYNJ sixth grade students had a sensational day at Camp Vacamus in West Milford doing all of this and

MDS Kicks off Musical Ambassador Program

Manhattan Day School kicked off a new and exciting musical ambassadors program with second grade musician, Mendel, playing pieces by Bartok and Schumann on keyboard and Hatikva on guitar. Through this innovative initiative—spearheaded by Julienne Dweck—students become proficient in an instrument, culminating with a performance

Bruriah Students Walk for Friendship Circle

Bruriah students, alumnae and teachers gathered at Votee Park to walk for Friendship Circle. Bruriah’s participants wore the gray and green Friendship Walk T-shirt as they enjoyed the activities and general spirit of the day that included a petting zoo, watching children face painting, pizza and cotton candy. Following the walk

JEC Lower School Students Unite for Hallel

The sounds of Hallel echoed through the halls as the JEC Lower School students grades three through five came together on Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan. The Elementary School gathered as one to hear some inspirational words and then sing prayers of praise. It was amazing to see the connection and passion of so many of the

Parshat Noach Comes to Life at JKHA

JKHA brought Torah to life for its students as they studied parshat Noach. Early childhood and first grade greeted a petting zoo as the school’s youngest students learned about the animals that Noach had on the teiva. Pre-k classes held mabul parties at which they dressed for the weather, sang songs and played

JEC High School Enjoys Shabbaton 2018

JEC students and rebbeim enjoyed an unbelievable Shabbos of ruach and growth at Camp Nageela last week. The shabbaton creates memories and friendships that last a lifetime. This year was no different. Kicking off at Launch Trampoline Park, students had a great time on the obstacle courses, jousting, dunking and

Dr. Erica Brown Inspires RKYHS Students to Form Their Own Jewish Identities

RKYHS was thrilled to welcome renown scholar and prolific author Dr. Erica Brown to school. Dr. Brown inspired students as she delineated how they can shape their own personal and Jewish identities, from their valuable time now in high school and as they go forward through life.


RKYHS Students Enjoy Saban-AIPAC Training Seminar

Thirteen students from the RKYHS sophomore class participated in the two-day Saban-AIPAC Regional Training Seminar (SabanARTS) program. This training opportunity is designed to reinforce AIPAC’s unique approach to pro-Israel activism and to help students find their own voice as pro-Israel political activists. The program included

Bruriah Takes a Trip Day

Bruriah students kicked off their post-chagim school year with trip day. Freshmen spent their day at High Exposure rock climbing and tackling the Ninja Warrior courses. They had fun, and more importantly, they built their confidence and grade unity. Seven Presidents Beach was the destination for Bruriah’s