Sunday, October 21, 2018


Yeshivat Netivot Students Are Excited to Get Back Into Learning

New Bat Mitzvah Initiative at JKHA Encourages and Develops Public Speaking Skills

JKHA middle school launched a new initiative, the Bat Mitzvah Dvar Torah Program. Working closely with their Judaic studies teacher, all sixth grade girls will have the opportunity to deliver a dvar Torah to all sixth grade students after davening on Tuesdays or Wednesdays in honor of their bat mitzvahs. Students may choose to work

Torah Is In at Iris Berman Early Childhood Center

At IBECC, the threes were so excited to be able to spend time with Morah Rachelle and learn about the sefer Torah. They watched in awe as Morah Rachelle opened up the giant doors of the aron (ark) and showed them all the Torahs that were inside. The children enjoyed counting all 12 Torahs. Morah Rachelle discussed

JEC HS Gets a New Look for Math

With popular teacher and tutor Karen Bialik assuming the role of math department head at JEC, the program has never looked better. Utilizing cutting-edge research in educational best practices, Bialik has revolutionized how math is taught and learned in the high school. Blending the learning with online videos and in-school

In the Beginning There Were Toddlers at the Iris Berman Early Childhood Center

The theme last week at IBECC in the toddler room was “creation” in its many forms. Creation of the world, creation of a classroom, of friends who share and play together and creation of works of art and sculpture. The teachers talked about Hashem, how much he loves everyone and how he is everywhere. To make this concept more

Innovative Gemara Learning Is New at JEC Middle School

Gemara Academy is an interactive way for our students to learn Gemara. The students are given introductory slides about the major concepts that will come up in the new sugya. The students are then able to see a color-coded flowchart which outlines the various steps in the sugya. Translations and audio are available for student use

Politz Day School Is Abuzz With Excitement

Students at Politz Day School of Cherry Hill were treated to a dynamic and exciting visit from beekeeper, Rabbi Danny Senter. First, second and third graders were buzzing with so many questions!

Hakafot Shniyot Are Filled With Simcha at Yeshivat He’Atid

Although Yeshivat He’Atid faculty and students didn’t have a chance to be together on Simchat Torah, we were able to celebrate the Torah together today! Students and teachers danced with a beautiful sefer Torah, courtesy of the Fields family—this Torah will now call Yeshivat He’Atid home. After the

BCHSJS Students Celebrate Sukkot

This past Sunday, the Bergen County High School of Jewish Studies celebrated Sukkot during the “break” by shaking the lulav, drinking lulav “shakes” and playing Sukkot bingo. Additionally, eighth grade students took photos with their new friends and decorated fall photo frames.

RYNJ Has Sensational Time in the Sukkah

RYNJ middle school students enjoyed a festive Simchat Beit Hashoeva with their rebbeim and friends at Congregation Beth Aaron. Great friends. Great food. Great music. Great dancing. Great time.

Yeshivat Noam Throws Back to School Family Celebration

Thanks to a dedicated large team of parent volunteers, the Yeshivat Noam Parents Association ran a phenomenal opening event for Yeshivat Noam families. Under the leadership of event chair Shira Shatzkes and co-presidents Lisa Mandelbaum and Cindy Forgash, the event was filled with bubbles, inflatables, balloons

TABC Bonds Together Over Sukkot

TABC places great value on the rebbe-talmid relationship and the warm environment it creates throughout the school and beyond. To that end, rebbeim invited the students from their Gemara shiurim to celebrate a Simchat Beit HaShoeva in their sukkot over Chol HaMoed. A group of juniors and seniors also went