Monday, January 21, 2019


Bruriah Culture Club Heads to Broadway

On a bright Sunday morning in December, the Bruriah Culture Club stepped off the streets of New York City and into a Maycomb, Alabama courthouse. We experienced Harper Lee’s “To Kill a Mockingbird,” exploring the harsh reality of racism in Alabama in the 1930s. The Bruriah Culture Club started the excursion

JKHA Project Based Learning Explores Shuls and Community

As part of the JKHA seventh and eighth grade study of the building of the Beit Hamikdash in sefer Melachim students participated in a Project Based Learning unit where they learned about how our shuls are a מקדש מעט patterned in many ways after the Beit Hamikdash.

JEC Primer Has Around the World Celebration

“Though some things may be different, we’re children just the same!” As children learn about their unique qualities, they also learn to recognize that while every person is different, we are all the same—“and we all like to sing and play!” These lyrics were the opening to JEC’s fabulous journey

Peer Leaders Help RKYHS Freshmen Prepare for Midterms

RKYHS senior peer leaders hosted the freshmen for breakfast and gave them a letter congratulating them on making it to their first midterms. The peer leaders presented the freshman students with tips to help them prepare for their upcoming exams. This program is one of the many programs, beginning at the start of the

IBECC Uses Natural Materials

At IBECC, the integration of natural materials and loose parts is a fundamental part of the Reggio-inspired preschool. Wood chips fulfill both categories. The addition of wooden arches opened up a world of possibilities.

JKHA Gemara Vocabulary League Offers Creative Way to Learn

The Chumash Vocabulary League (CVL) and Gemara Vocabulary League (GVL) is a creative program developed but the JKHA middle school Judaic studies faculty that presents acquisition of key Chumash vocabulary words and creates a strong foundation in a fun and engaging manner. Students compete against other teams in their classes,

Bruriah Seniors Advance to Math Finals

Chana Schwartz and Adina Strong, seniors at Bruriah, advanced to the final round of the Michlala College Ulpaniada Mathematics Competition. Girls from Orthodox high schools worldwide were invited to participate. Schwartz and Strong are among hundreds of students who participated in the second round. Ulpaniada is a problem-solving

RKYHS Students and Faculty Engage in Midterm Week Torah Learning

As RKYHS students embark on midterms, the Judaic studies faculty hosted midterm week Torah learning sessions in the RKYHS beit midrash. These sessions provide the students with Torah learning opportunities outside of the traditional classroom setting. They used this time as an occasion to emphasize to the student

Heichal Hosts Grandfather Day

On January 1, Heichal HaTorah held its annual Grandfather-Grandson Learning program. After davening and a buffet breakfast, there was a shiur on the parsha by Heichal grandparent Rabbi Menachem Genack. Grandfathers then joined their grandsons for both iyun and bekiut shiurim. It was inspiring to see generations

BPY Loves Chayalei Tzahal

On Chanukah, BPY middle school students learned how to tie tzizit and sent the tzizit that they tied, along with handwritten notes and sweets, to Golani soldiers serving on the Gaza border and in Chevron. This week they were hand delivered. The soldiers sent BPY videos and pictures thanking the students. Love of Am

Yavneh Academy Hosts Friendship Circle Mini Camp

On Monday, December 31, 40 Yavneh Academy middle school volunteers joined Friendship Circle staff and twenty Friendship Circle campers for a great mini-camp experience. The day began with a meet and greet where campers and counselors met and played games, built with magna-tiles and colored. After davening in the beit

MTA Model UN Team Visits United Nations and China Mission

On Thursday, January 3, MTA’s Model UN team visited the United Nations and the Permanent Mission of China. In preparation for the Yeshiva University National Model United Nations (YUNMUN) in February, the team has been learning about how the UN works, as well as the policies of both China and the UN, which