Monday, January 21, 2019


TCA Has Second Grade Chumash Celebration

It was standing room only on Thursday evening, January 3, at the second grade Chumash celebration. Parents, grandparents, siblings and friends all came to celebrate with the children as they received their very first Chumash. They sang songs and shared what they have been learning. Each second grader should be so proud of

Yeshivat Noam Middle School Hosts Tzizit Making for Tzahal

Yeshivat Noam middle school held a father-son tzizit making event for Tzahal on the morning of Jan 1, and invited the entire community to join them. The event was a huge success raising money to sponsor over 300 pairs of tzizit and the boys/men involved were able to knot over 70 pairs of tzizit on the

TABC Leadership Kollel Welcomes Rabbi Daniel Stein

On Thursday, January 3, TABC’s Leadership Kollel had the privilege of hearing from YU Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi Daniel Stein. Rabbi Stein presented a dynamic and wide ranging analysis of leadership in the Torah world based on aspects of Moshe’s and Aharon’s unique characteristics and leadership decisions. Rabbi Stein highlighted the

Ma’ayanot Presents 10th Annual Day of Big Ideas

More than 150 parents, grandparents, students, alumnae and community members enjoyed a morning of learning at Ma’ayanot’s 10th Annual Day of Big Ideas on Sunday, December 30. Rabbi Dr. Ari Berman, president of Yeshiva University, delivered a keynote on the topic, “Who is My ‘Brother’: A Halakhic Look at a

RYNJ Has Special Program for Students and Parents

On January 1, RYNJ welcomed sixth grade parents to a special התחלת גמרא program designed to celebrate students’ embarking on Gemara learning for the first time. The program was entitled, “Bright Beginnings, Strong Foundations,” and it encapsulated the theme of both the program in particular and the

Moriah Begins Eighth Grade Tefillah Program

This year, Moriah has started a tefillah class for the eighth grade. The students have been studying the meaning, philosophy and halachot of tefillah through a myriad of sources compiled in a very impressive, revolutionary textbook. The students have enjoyed discussing prayer in an eye-opening way, lending them a different

Yeshivat Noam Fifth Grade Makes Shuk Tannaim

Yeshivat Noam fifth grade Shuk Tannaim showcased timeless lessons from some of our greatest leaders. It was an impressive night showcasing learning about our sages.

Ma’ayanot Freshmen Present Book Shuk

Ma’ayanot freshmen presented their most recent reads at a Book Shuk, in which the students pitched their books to their peers in exchange for shekalim. All enjoyed the shuk-like atmosphere, including pickles, olives, hummus and dried fruit. All attendees walked away with recommended reading that should last

RYNJ Welcomes School Alum and IDF Solider

Proud RYNJ graduate and IDF soldier, Shlomo Kroopnick, returned to RYNJ this week to speak to the eighth grade about his experiences protecting Israel.

Yeshivat Frisch Cougar Nation Network Learns From a Pro

Mike Roth, a TV sports director for Fox Sports, ESPN and the Olympics, spoke to Frisch’s student sports commentator crew, the Cougar Nation Network, at the end of December, about how to broadcast like the pros. Roth came prepared, having watched hours of Cougar Nation work, and broke down the footage, giving practical

LPS Learns About Winter

Lubavitch on the Palisades students began their winter unit by making snowmen, decorating snowflakes with shaving cream and paint, playing counting games with cotton balls and sewing mittens. They especially loved bundling up and creating a ‘blizzard’ by shaking up white peanuts with a parachute.

Gan Yaldenu Tots of Bergenfield Has Fun

The children at Gan Yaldenu Tots of Bergenfield having fun sliding into winter.