Friday, April 03, 2020


Yeshivat He’Atid Gives Daily Stem Challenge

What can you do with an empty cereal box? Monday morning as Yeshivat He’Atid prepared for their second day of distance learning, students were challenged to see what they could come up with to make out of an empty cereal box. After a great day of virtual learning, the submissions began to roll in. A princess

Yavneh Academy Learns Online

Shushan Purim is traditionally one of the most anticipated days at Yavneh Academy, with costumes, activities and many other festivities that culminate two weeks of Adar celebrations. This year, with the coronavirus already having cancelled Yavneh’s Purim chagiga (relegating the eighth grade boys to a smaller

Anshei Lubavitch Students Participate in Virtual Learning

While we all wait impatiently for in-person school to resume, Anshei Lubavitch has taken the show on the road—the information superhighway, to be precise! Teachers conducted davening circles, story times, parsha lessons and even science experiments via Youtube and Zoom video conferencing platforms. The students also

The Idea School Practices Project-Based Online Instruction

The Idea School online classes continue to inspire, engage and connect students. Faculty and staff held their regular classes as well as virtual get togethers for mishmar, after-school clubs, advisory and tefillah talks. Students are loving testing this new mode of virtual project-based learning, having fun with

Remote Learning Is Fun at Kol Chaverim Preschool

The yeladim at Kol Chaverim Preschool have already mastered remote learning! KCP provided Pesach kits which included a Haggadah, Kos Eliyahu, Seder plate and more! Children also enjoyed daily videos from their morot, along with songsheets, Pesach puppets and movement activities emailed out to parents. There is

MTA Launches Virtual Learning

MTA launched virtual learning sessions, beginning on Wednesday, March 11, enabling talmidim to participate in daily interactive and engaging virtual learning sessions with their rebbeim and teachers. Highlights from these sessions include a Maseches Makkos trivia game in Rabbi Konigsberg’s shiur, exploring the

MTA Celebrates Purim

Although yeshiva was closed throughout Purim this year, MTA talmidim and rebbeim enjoyed celebrating together in small groups throughout the tri-state area!

BCHSJS Students Love Purim

Students at the Bergen County High School of Jewish Studies participated in a pre-Purim celebration this past Sunday. Parents and teachers helped make and distribute freshly-made cotton candy to all the students. All enjoyed eating hamantaschen!

Naaleh Studio Art Students Enjoy ‘Art of the Book’ Exhibit and Workshop

Freshmen and sophomores in Mrs. Schneier’s studio art classes enjoyed a tour at the Jewish Museum in New York City, entitled “Art of the Book.” Students viewed original, illuminated manuscripts in the galleries, including Megillat Esther, the Pesach Machzor and Ketubot, and then participated in a hands-on experience

Zack Pollack Visits Yeshivat Noam

Yeshivat Noam eighth graders had the opportunity to hear an inspirational talk from Zack Pollack. Pollack is a rabbinical student at Yeshiva University and a quadriplegic who spoke about overcoming his challenges with positivity and optimism.


RYNJ Mothers and Daughters Learn Together

RYNJ middle school mothers and daughters joined together on Sunday morning for the final mother/daughter learning session of the year. They were privileged to hear a fascinating shiur by 8G’s Morah Aviva Jacobs (former RYNJ student) in which she analyzed the characters of the Megilla through the lens of the

Ma’ayanot Celebrates Purim

Ma’ayanot students and faculty had an amazing time celebrating Purim together. On Shushan Purim there was a school wide costume contest, panoply game and the sophomores put on a hysterical original play called “Sophomore Slump.” A freilichen Purim was had by all!