Monday, January 21, 2019


Yavneh Eighth Graders Begin Preparation for Siyum Mishnayot

Yavneh Academy eighth graders began a new initiative this week, the study of all of mishnayot Seder Nezikin, to be completed prior to graduation this coming June. Students signed up to learn two mishnayot at a time, and the goal is for every student to have a part in this grade-wide accomplishment. Head of School Rabbi Jonathan

Shavua Ivrit Is a Blast at Yeshivat He’Atid

Thank you to Hadas, Shira, Adi and Esther (bnot sheirut and shluchot tzeirot) for running a wonderful Shavua Ivrit! After watching a fun video to start the week, students were treated to fun activities during recess, such as Ivrit Twister, and Ivrit book read-alouds. Sababa!

Moriah Fifth Graders Learn About Solar Power

Matthew Herenstein, husband of Moriah fifth grade teacher Sharon Herenstein, came in to teach the fifth graders a lesson about solar power. He explained the need to reduce fossil fuels and how the sun can provide energy to power our homes and businesses. He showed the class videos to demonstrate the operation of a solar

TABC Performs ‘Treasure Island’ for Captivated Crowd

On Thursday, January 3, the TABC theater department performed the play “Treasure Island” by Robert Louis Stevenson, adapted for the stage by Stuart Paterson, to an audience filled with friends, family and TABC faculty. The play is about a young boy named Jim Hawkins, who stumbles upon a map to the treasure of the

Fathers and Sons Learn Together at Heichal

On December 25, Heichal HaTorah held its annual father son learning program. After davening and a buffet breakfast, there was a shiur on the parsha by Heichal parent Rabbi Chaim Marcus. Fathers then joined their sons for both iyun and bekiut shiurim. It was an inspiring morning and a great way to spend quality

Winter Is Fun at Leah Sokoloff Nursery School

The children of the Leah Sokoloff Nursery School in Fair Lawn enjoyed learning about polar bears and hibernation. They went on a bear hunt and had a cozy pajama party breakfast with pancakes, maple syrup and hot chocolate! They painted with ice cubes and conducted science experiments with freezing and melting

Yeshivat He’Atid Kindergarten Goes for the (Peng)Win

Kindergarteners at Yeshivat He’Atid have spent the past few weeks learning all about winter. They particularly enjoyed learning about cold-weather animals and how those animals adapt to their wintery environments. To celebrate this learning in a fun and educational way, the students participated in Penguin Day.

Moriah Students Can Code

Moriah second grade students are having fun and learning coding principles. They recently learned about flexible sequences and commands through a non-tech coding activity. Students were given picture command cards and asked to create a code for the best dance ever. Each group created and performed their code for the class. Students

Registration Is Open for Spring Semester at BCHSJS

Registration is open for new students for the spring semester at the Bergen County High School of Jewish Studies, a regional Hebrew high school for eighth to twelfth graders. Classes are held at The Moriah School in Englewood on Sundays. Classes include ethics, current events, drama, Bible, Jewish philosophy, Israel, Torah and many more

Ben Porat Yosef Sixth Graders Talk, Read and Write Like Mesopotamians

Sixth grade humanities class has been immersed in the study of Mesopotamia, the cradle of civilization and the birthplace of Avraham. Students wrote like a Mesopotamian by transforming their name into cuneiform and writing it on a clay tablet. They read like a Mesopotamian when they read a translated version of the “Epic of

Tenafly Chabad Academy Celebrates First Graders’ Siddur Ceremony

On Wednesday eve­ning, January 2, the social hall at TCA was packed with family and friends who gathered to celebrate with the first graders as they received their first siddur. The program was beautiful and touching as the children sang songs of prayer, thanks and of our land of Israel. Each student received a

Ice Painting Is Cool at LPS

Nursery students at Lubavitch on the Palisades learned all about the water cycle and did experiments with ice. Children combined water and food coloring into muffin pans and froze them with Popsicle sticks. Children used the colored ice chunks to create beautiful paintings.