Tuesday, February 20, 2018


Grade-Wide Book Day at JKHA Examines Students’ Unique Strengths and Qualities

The entire seventh grade took part in an exciting morning of activities for Book Day to discuss, engage, reflect and extend their insights following their winter break independent read of “Fish in a Tree” by Linda Mullaly Hunt. The day was organized by middle school language arts teacher Staci Zeif

BPY’s Rabbi Angel Discusses the Mysteries of Tehillim

On Thursday, February 1, Ben Porat Yosef continued its community adult education class taught by Rabbi Hayyim Angel, BPY’s Tanach education scholar. Rabbi Angel elucidated some of the mysteries contained in the Ashrei prayer, allowing for a more meaningful understanding of an important prayer recited the world over several times

Moriah Middle School Students Learn About Medinat Yisrael

The middle school students have been busy in their Ivrit classes learning about Medinat Yisrael and its borders, culture and history. As we approached Tu B’Shvat, the emphasis has been on the importance of Eretz Yisrael and Medinat Yisrael and its centrality in our lives as Jews. Tu B’Shvat is the day that marks the yom huledet

SAR HS Bio Challenge Students Attend Open Heart Surgery

On January 19, the fifteen SAR HS students who participated in the Bio Challenge option last summer were privileged to attend open heart surgery through the Liberty Science Center’s Cardiac Classroom Live program.

When they entered the amphitheater, students were told that the operation would

Twenty Five RKYHS and JKHA Students Win Prestigious Art and Writing Awards

The Rae Kushner Yeshiva High School and Joseph Kushner Hebrew Academy are proud to announce that, once again, its students are winners of the prestigious national Scholastic Art and Writing Awards, with 25 students receiving national recognition for their expertise in writing, photography and journalism. Students who

Bruriah Students Curate Holocaust Museum

For the third straight year, Joel Glazer, American History teacher at Bruriah, arranged a personalized tour of the National Museum of American Jewish History (NMAJH) in Philadelphia for a select group from his 11th-grade American History classes so they could gain first-hand knowledge of how to curate a

TABC Students Compete in Cholent Cookoff

TABC’s students showed off their culinary expertise at the annual Cholent Cookoff last week. The hallways were filled with sweet smell of cholent on Thursday, as each team consulted their favorite recipes to prepare their cholent. On Friday, the student body was able to sample their handiwork. The

SAR HS AP European History Class Visits New York Historical Society

On Thursday, January 18, Dr. Judith Ballan, accompanied her AP European history class to hear world-renowned historian Niall Ferguson speak at the New-York Historical Society. Dr. Ferguson was there to discuss his new book, “The Square and the Tower,” which discusses eras of world history, such as the one we are currently

MTA Honors College Students Hears From Writer Yair Rosenberg

Students in MTA’s Honors College, an enriched academic program that provides a challenging and comprehensive student experience, were privileged to hear from noted author and MTA alumnus Yair Rosenberg (‘06) last week. A senior writer at Tablet Magazine, Rosenberg shared his experiences combating anti-semitism

Bruriah Looks to the Future With 3D Elective

“The future of manufacturing is shifting beneath our feet and the future will be made by those who speak computer design,” says Jason Kipp, online teacher for Bonim B’Yachad who teaches the online 3D modeling techniques for applied 3D printing at Bruriah. This course is a hands-on modeling course to produce wearable

JKHA Middle School Debate Team Takes First Place School and Top Speaker Prizes

It is never easy to refute an opposing argument. In order to so, one would have to research the topic and have valid proof as to why the other side is in the wrong. At JKHA, the middle school debate team has been researching and debating the following resolution for the last several weeks: “The United States should switch to the

Speaker Promotes Healthy Screen Usage to RKYHS Students

Throughout the year, RKYHS students are exposed to programs and speakers that focus on helping them make healthy choices. Students recently had the opportunity to hear from Adam Alter, New York Times best-selling author and associate professor of marketing at New York University’s Stern School of Business. A strong focus of