Sunday, December 08, 2019


MTA Honors College Explores Historical Relationship Between Torah and Secular Culture

During the course of the 2019-2020 school year, the MTA Honors College program is concentrating on the history of the unique relationship between Torah and secular culture throughout the generations. Over the summer, Honors College members began reading the work “Judaism’s Encounter with Other Cultures,” edited by Rabbi Dr.

Bruriah Freshmen Embark On Inspiring Chesed Trip

The freshmen at Bruriah enjoyed a most uplifting chesed trip. They had a morning yom iyun, which explained the importance of chesed in our lives. After, the girls boarded the bus and went to Passaic to explore different chesed opportunities: Yad Leah—where they sorted and packed clothing for needy families in Israel,

Yeshivat Noam Fifth Graders Decode Rashi Script and Bake Cookies

The fifth grade girls worked on their Rashi skills by rewriting a Rashi script recipe into regular Hebrew script and following it to make chocolate chip cookies. They have also been focusing on Al Hamichya in yediot klalliot.

Four great things: Rashi, bracha achrona, working

Middle School Sports Night Fills JKHA With School Spirit

It was Spirit Day in JKHA middle school as students got ready to support the school’s sports teams at Middle School Sports Night. Middle School Sports Night kicked off with an energetic after school pep rally, complete with a DJ, where a pumped up crowd cheered on the Middle school winter sports teams. The pep

Naaleh AP History Students Recreate Enlightenment Salon

For most people, a salon is the place where you get your hair done. For the great thinkers of the European Enlightenment, a salon was an intellectual gathering to discuss literature, art and philosophy. For AP European History students at Naaleh, a salon is an opportunity to delve into 18th century thought—with coffee, cocoa and

Science Comes to Life at RPRY

The sixth grade Earth Science classes at Rabbi Pesach Raymon Yeshiva started learning about the Earth’s surface changes and how these changes can be over a short or long period of time. They studied fast acting changes in the Earth, such as landslides, as well as gradual changes, such as the slow and continuous movement of the

JEC High School Holds Student-Teacher Conferences

Built into the very mission statement of the JEC High School, is the attention to growth that comes through engagement and reflection. Tuesday was a day that embodied that very principle. Each student has the opportunity to meet with each of his teachers, to engage in conversations around performance, character and overall growth.

RKYHS Students Take Part in ADL Conference On Anti-Semitism

A group of RKYHS students took part in “Never Is Now,” ADL’s Annual Summit on Anti-Semitism and Hate, and the leading conference about understanding and defeating anti-Semitism and all forms of hate. The conference focused on reversing the rise in anti-Semitism in the U.S. and abroad and fighting back against bigotry of all

JEC Hosts Lower School Oneg

This year’s Shabbat mevarchim onegs feature some amazing JEC traditions as well as some new exciting initiatives to the program. The children have come to love singing the school song and other inspirational tunes. They look forward to the feeling of coming together as a unified school. This year, an added

JEC High School Has Chesed Day

As part of a global chesed curriculum, JEC students spent time on Tuesday engaged in a variety of chesed activities. These experiences offer important moments of character development and service.

Ninth grade students visited the Community Food Bank of New Jersey. They sorted, boxed and

Bruriah Sophomore Shabbaton Is a Great Success

The girls started off their shabbaton on Queen Anne Road for lunch, and continued at Beth Abraham where students had all meals and enjoyed the talented student choir and skit performances! All were privileged to hear from Doron Greenspan whose amazing stories and lessons about impressions set the tone for the entire shabbaton.

RKYHS AIPAC Group Hears From Mikie Sherrill Advisor

The RKYHS AIPAC group had the opportunity to SKYPE with David Michaels, the military legislative coordinator for Congresswoman Mikie Sherrill. He spoke about Congresswoman Sherrill’s first ever trip to Israel that she recently returned from and her experience in the country. He reiterated Congresswoman Sherrill’s support for a