Thursday, March 21, 2019


JEC Middle School Spreads Adar Excitement

Moriah Sixth Grade Masters Geometry Using Technology

Mrs. Levy’s sixth grade math class at Moriah is immersed in their geometry unit and technology has been a significant part of the learning process. In order to demonstrate proficiency in the use of a protractor, students were able to manipulate the large, movable protractor on the Smart Board for all to see. Once the students

Bruriah Eighth Grade Learns About Cells

As a culmination of their unit about cells and their specific organelles, the eighth grade class made cell models out of candy. In addition to the fun, this served as a great visual and review of this difficult topic. During the review, when asked which organelle is responsible for building proteins, one student answered,

RKYHS Students Enjoy Live Shakespeare Performance

RKYHS students experienced a live performance from the Shakespeare Theater of New Jersey. The troupe performed the Bard’s quintessential comedy, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” Many of the RKYHS classes are currently enjoying studying the drama and mastery of Shakespeare. Seeing his work performed live on a stage

JEC High School Torah Bowl Team Clinches Division Title

This week, the JEC Torah Bowl Thunder swept TABC in the divisional finals, moving forward to the championship round next month. The undefeated team successfully defended their challengers in their closest contest to date, still handily winning by eight points. On to the championship!

Bruriah Sixth Graders Learn the 39 Melachot

The sixth grade students in Bruriah’s middle school have been enjoying learning and scrapbooking the 39 melachot that are prohibited on Shabbos. The girls had a better understanding of the melacha of weaving, by creating small woven swatches out of materials.

RPRY Visits Bruriah HS Holocaust Museum

The girls from RPRY’s eighth grade class visited Bruriah High School to see the Holocaust Museum that was made entirely by the high school’s 11th grade. The museum included informative newspaper articles, creative writing and projects, inspiring paintings and interesting artifacts. The museum depicted the events that

Bruriah Gathers for Annual School Shabbaton

Bruriah students attended their annual GO Shabbos, a weekend retreat hosted by the Bruriah GO (student council) held at the Doubletree in Tarrytown. Students eagerly look forward to this weekend, a highlight of the year which brings together students from every grade. Before arriving at the hotel on Thursday night, the seniors went

JKHA Community Joins Together to Experience ‘Shabbat on Sunday’

Current and prospective JKHA lower school families joined together for an enjoyable and meaningful “Shabbat on Sunday” program at JKHA. It was a fun morning filled with Shabbat-themed arts and crafts including making Birkat Hamazon holders, challah covers and salt shakers, chesed packaging of Shabbat kits that

Moriah Gemara Class Discusses Kiddush

In gemara class with Rabbi Kahane, Moriah’s eighth grade girls have been learning the sugya of Ein Kiddush Ela BeMakom Seudah—meaning, kiddush is only valid if it is said in the same place that you are eating a meal. This discussion quickly sparked a debate among the talmidot about how in shul they usually make kiddush in the

JEC Has Spirit, Yes They Do

JEC Lower and Middle School students had a great time displaying their school spirit! The children looked fantastic in their school colors—blue and yellow for lower school, and blue and orange for middle school! Every member of the hockey team, Torah Bowl team and basketball team was proud to run through the

Bruriah Torah Bowl Team Heads to the Championships

For their third year in a row, the Bruriah Torah Bowl team won first place in its division and will be going to the championships! The championships will require the teams to answer questions on the entire sefer Bereishit and all of Rashi’s commentary. Bruriah is so proud of their accomplishment and wish them much hatzlacha at