Tuesday, October 24, 2017


Yeshivat He’Atid Performs Hatarat Nedarim

While children often participate in Jewish rituals with their parents, some rituals must be tailor-made for younger children. This is what Yeshivat He’Atid had in mind when practicing a school-wide hatarat nedarim. Rav Ronen spoke with students about the ritual, which followed a custom hatarat nedarim prepared

Moriah Nursery Students Love Preparing for Rosh Hashanah

We learned all about the shofar that we blow.

Ate apples and honey, so yummy you know.

Made honey pots for our family to share.

And sang at our birthday party for the world this year!

Ma’ayanot Students Bond on Freshman Day

On freshman day, Monday, September 18, Ma’ayanot freshmen got into the flow of the new school year by rafting down the Delaware River. (They are the Rapids, after all!) Senior mentors helped the freshmen navigate their new terrain. With 95 students, the Class of 2021 is Ma’ayanot’s

TABC Talmidim Help Build Sukkot Across Bergen County

Twenty TABC talmidim spent the Sunday before Rosh Hashanah helping people throughout the community put up their sukkot. One of the sukkah owners wrote a beautiful thank you note to Rabbi Kessel, TABC’s chesed coordinator, stating, “Your young men were efficient, intelligent and a joy to work with!

SAR High School Responds to Hurricane Harvey

The first week back to school was charged with an urgency to help Texan communities devastated by Hurricane Harvey. At the request of Texan community leaders, the SAR High School community initiated a tzedakah campaign: All students and faculty were asked to donate $5 for Houston relief by Friday, September 8.

First Grade at Yeshivat Noam Wishes Everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year

TABC Ends 5777 Immersed in Late Night Learning

TABC’s talmidim ended the year of 5777 much as they did so often throughout the year, engaged in a high level of talmud Torah. Our special late night learning program began with newly appointed Mashgiach Ruchani Rabbi Michael Hoenig, sharing stirring words of mussar. After preparing mekorot, the

Moriah Middle School Prepares for the New Year

The theme of תשובה, תפלה, וצדקה has been incorporated in both the content of the Judaic classes as well as in practice in the Moriah middle school. The students are currently learning the four steps to תשובה in the classroom and are taking the meaning to heart in the בית כנסת. Following

LPS Enjoys the Shofar Factory

Lubavitch on the Palisades preschool children enjoyed learning about how shofars are made in a hand-on experience presented by Rabbi Moshe Grossbaum. Each preschool class visited the Shofar Factory where the children saw a variety of different kinds of shofars. They learned how a ram’s horn is cleaned, sanded and

Yeshivat Noam Works on Message in a Bottle Project

Morah Eden and Morah Hadas, Yeshivat Noam’s Bnei Akiva shlichim, visited the elementary classes and worked with the students to write a message in a bottle with their hopes and dreams for the new year. The bottles will be saved and reopened at the end of the school year.

FDU Yeshiva Program Begins Fall Classes With New Course Offerings

The Fairleigh Dickinson Yeshiva Program began the year with a new selection of courses, several taught by its former director, Professor Ira Jaskoll.

One of the new course offerings is a course in career management. “I decided to add this course to the 30 credit curriculum because I felt it is

He’Atid Kindergarten Travels Around the World

Kindergarten students at Yeshivat He’Atid are in the process of traveling around the world. They already visited Mexico and made salsa; China, and decorated their own coolie hats; and Italy, where they learned to paint like Michelangelo. To integrate Ivrit into the theme, students are learning the Hebrew words