Friday, October 19, 2018


Yavneh Academy Eighth Graders Conquer the Stony Hill Corn Maze

Yavneh eighth graders were treated to a grade-wide bonding trip to Stony Hill Corn Maze. Dressed in specially designed color-coded T-shirts, teams of students, and a teacher, raced off into the maze to be the first to find their way out! Though some made it back through the entrance and others needed to

BCHSJS Holds Orientation

On Sunday, September 16, new eighth grade students attended orientation and registration at the Bergen County High School of Jewish Studies (BCHSJS). After several ice-breakers in which students got to meet each other and a quick lunch the students, together with two teachers and the principal, boarded a bus for an afternoon of bowling at Bowler City

Yeshivat Noam Girls Make Sukkah Decorations

Yeshivat Noam fourth and fifth grade girls displayed their personal sukkah decorations made in art school.

MDS Students Enjoy Special Visit From Author Jennifer A. Nielsen

Fifth through eighth grade students enthusiastically welcomed New York Times best-selling author Jennifer A. Nielson to MDS on a recent Friday morning. Nielson is the author of the historical fiction novel “Resistance” about a young Jewish teenager living in Nazi-occupied Krakow. Nielson shared her inspiration for her novel and

JKHA Fourth Graders Head to the MakerSpace to Create Sukkot

The fourth grade Sukkot curriculum at the Joseph Kushner Hebrew Academy focuses on defining a kosher sukkah. In order to bring their learning to life, the fourth grade participated in a hands-on Makerspace program in the school’s library and media center. The students spent time prior to the project in their

Bruriah Middle School Holds Yom Iyun

Communicate and Elevate was the theme of Bruriah Middle School’s Aseret Yemei Teshuva yom iyun. A special introduction to the program was led by Principal Rabbi Joseph Oratz who shared a meaningful song while playing guitar. The students explored the concepts of communication with Hashem and communication with

Chabad Fort Lee Preschool Enjoys Interactive ‘Fishy’ Experience

In connection with the High Holidays, it is customary to visit a river or lake with fish. The preschoolers at Chabad got a close up look at fish with a visitor from The Fish Hut of New Jersey who came to set up their aquarium. The children noticed that fish never close their eyes; They even sleep with their eyes open! God

RKYHS Shares Day of Community-Building at School-Wide Tiyul Beit Sifri

Before Sukkot, students, faculty and administration of the Rae Kushner Yeshiva High school excitedly boarded buses and drove to the Poconos for their annual Tiyul Biet Sifri schoolwide trip. This year, the RKYHS community traveled to the great facilities of the 350 acre Pocono Valley Resort. Students were able to go out on paddle

He’Atid Enjoys Sukkot

Fifth graders from Yeshivat He’Atid enjoyed a fun night playing Hebrew Sukkot bingo and eating delicious desserts in the sukkah.

MTA Celebrates Sukkot at Simchas Beit Hashoevas

MTA talmidim and rebbeim enjoyed spending time together on Sukkot at Simchas Beit Hashoevas in Brooklyn, Highland Park, Monsey, Queens and Teaneck. Each event was packed with ruach—from inspirational divrei Torah to singing, dancing and even a sukkah-making contest!

Ben Porat Yosef Holds Schoolwide Hakafot

Chag Sameach From RYNJ

RYNJ’s youngest students have been busy making honey collages, learning the story of Yonah and creating beautiful sukkah decorations.