Wednesday, May 22, 2019

On June 18, YU announced that it would not be sponsoring the Wittenberg Wrestling Tournament this year. Joe Bednarsh, Yeshiva University’s Director of Athletics, sent an email which conveyed the news to the students. Many Jewish wrestlers were planning on participating, including Frisch student Gabriel Benchabbat ’17, who said, “I was shocked when I heard the news. This tournament was around for so long, and just like that, it’s gone.”

YU has sponsored this yeshivah high school tournament for the past 20 years in memory of Henry Wittenberg. Typically, the tournament consisted of intense competitions on a Friday, Sunday, and Monday. Over that weekend, the teams gathered for a Shabbaton at a hotel, marking the end of the wrestling season. In addition to hosting the tournament, YU had used this weekend to talk to the wrestlers about college selection. YU students and alumni, particularly those involved in the wrestling team, presented throughout the weekend to promote the Yeshiva University program.

Upon hearing the news that YU was withdrawing its sponsorship of the tournament, Frisch decided to step. Run by veteran Wittenberg organizers, the competition will take place over president’s weekend at The Frisch School.

By Jake Nussbaum