Saturday, October 21, 2017

Frisch JV volleyball champions

On Monday, March 13, the Frisch Cougars junior varsity girls volleyball team became this season’s undefeated champions after defeating the Ramaz Rams with a final score of 21-15. Both teams played strongly, but ultimately the Cougars won in the third game.

After winning the first game, victory seemed within reach for the Cougars. Frisch had a lead in the second game, but Ramaz gained momentum and won the game with a score of 23-21. The third game had everyone on the edge of their seats, except for the players on the Frisch team, who stayed focused and spirited.

The key to the Cougar’s success this season appears to stem from the team’s devoted and incredible coach, Sam Tilp. She has been coaching Frisch volleyball since 1999, and has won an astonishing seventeen championships. Through positive reinforcement and a loving attitude, Sam has taught her players how to function as a team as opposed to individual athletes.

This team displayed an exuberant energy while playing. Instead of getting angry when they lost a point, the players smiled and high fived each other. This may have seemed strange to spectators because it appeared as if the players were congratulating each other for making a mistake. However, the Cougars have learned from their coach that the best way to improve is to acknowledge one’s mistake in order to learn for the future.

Coach Sam Tilp is the heart of this team, and her passion for volleyball extends to all her players.