Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Normally when people think about Mother’s Day, they reminisce about the time their mom helped them with a dilemma or how wonderful she always is. And while that is a truthful statement, there is another wonder to the mothers of Ma’ayanot softball players. Many of the team moms came out on Mother’s Day to witness the Ma’ayanot Rapids win yet another softball game— this time against the Bruriah Lightning.

Before the game began, the team warmed up and discussed their goals for the game, shared some fun facts and did their standard cheer. However, for the cheer, as it was Mother’s Day, there was a twist. The girls added “do it for your mom!” because their moms are always there to support them; especially those amazing moms who come all the way from wherever they live to watch the Ma’ayanot softball team in action. This one goes out to all the moms who come and cheer on their daughters.

Please note: The events recorded are the highlights; there were many more hits, outs and wonders that occurred at this game. Be sure not to miss anything and attend a game. Information can be found with Yoni Lieber, esteemed coach, as well as Sandy Applebaum, renowned cheerleader.

Yeshiva league history was made in the field as Ma’ayanot debuted some new moves, as well as nachat-worthy yiddishe teamwork during such a pressing game. Mia Nissel (’19), an all around gal who always saves the day, made two outs, as well as assisted Adira Levine (’18) on one. The golden glove of a second basemen, Tali Antosofsky (’18) assisted in a beautiful out by elegantly transporting the softball from her palm into the glove of Adira Levine. Alissa Felder (’17), el numero uno on the lineup, made the first of three consecutive outs in the second inning, as well as assisted on that third out and the last out of the fifth inning. It’s important to mention that there was a fabulous double play in the second inning when Adira Levine threw out the batter at first, then threw to Alissa Felder who tagged a second runner out at third. The dynamic duo known as Noa Applebaum (’17) and Adira Levine made a total of 14 outs both by working alone and together. They are sheer examples of spectacular, fantabulous and all around superheroes.

Up at bat there were a couple of gold stars. Sarah Berman’s single brought Alyssa Felder home helping Ma’ayanot lead off with one run in the first two innings. When Bruriah scored in the third inning, they had to step up their game. In the seventh and final inning, Adira Levine hit a triple, and once she made it on base, Nili Raskas (’18) was her designated runner. Baruch Hashem for Michal Meisels (’20). Michal hit a magnificent single, bringing home Nili and giving Ma’ayanot the victory over Bruriah.

This Mother’s Day tribute can’t come to a close without mentioning the motherly figure in Ma’ayanot. To their fearless leader, Mrs. Kahan, for all she does, the students would like to extend their hakarat hatov. Not only does Mrs. Kahan come to the games, but she also watches intently and cares so much about the outcome. She exemplifies wonder to the Ma’ayanot students, as well as her own children, who happily come along and enjoy some ruach and Ma’ayanot fun.

By Shalva Faber