Monday, September 25, 2017

On May 11, the Kushner Cobras boys varsity volleyball team won its last game of the season. The opposing team, the HAFTR Hawks, pushed them to their limits, but they held their spirits high and fought back. The boys ended up playing five sets in two hours. The scores were 21-15, 19-21, 22-20, 14-21 and 21-14. Although they struggled at times, they proved that they have the potential and skill to go even further next year.

With three seniors and one junior absent, the team had five freshmen and two juniors playing: freshmen Charles Lando, Noam Nissel, Isaac Mendelsohn, Mark Grossman and Joseph Mandil; juniors Avery Benzakin and Tzvi Freedman. Each player went all out and made many unexpected plays. Mendelsohn made seven consecutive serves, Grossman blocked the other team’s spikes, Benzakin hit killer spikes and Lando kept his head in the game from start to finish. Mandil and Nissel stayed strong and had some great passes, and Freedman had several knee breaking serves.

The coach worked really hard all season to make the boys better players and it appears to have paid off. They may not have made the finals, but they certainly learned a lot and had fun, knowing all the while that they did their very best and, for that, they should feel proud.