Sunday, September 24, 2017

Yavneh Youth League (YYL) concluded its instructional division season on Monday, June 19, with night games for its four team roster of first graders.

Led this season, again, by high school softball coach and experienced physical education instructor Eileen Schwartz (with assistance from an able crew of volunteer parents), YYL’s youngest all-stars focused each week on a different skill including hitting, grounders, line drives and base running. As the season progressed, the players improved their knowledge of the game, their ball playing skills and, most importantly, their confidence and ability to play as a team. The players have been prepared to enter YYL’s junior division next season if they wish.

The season concluded with ice cream and bobblehead dolls for all the instructional players and a league-wide trip to the New Jersey Jackals professional baseball game later in the week.