Saturday, October 21, 2017

Frank Ntilikina, drafted eighth overall by the New York Knicks in this past June’s NBA draft, made a very special appearance at CMEK on Wednesday. The players, all of whom are part of the CMEK AAU travel program this summer, were treated to a special clinic thanks to Richie Felder of CAA, a prominent sports agent and proud father of son Corey, who played for CMEK during his youth.

“He’s impressive. At 6’5, with a seven foot wingspan, he has the physical tools to become a great point guard in the NBA. Though he’s just 18, he’s very bright; he’s a student of the game. He graciously offered some powerful words of encouragement to our aspiring players who are training for their middle and high school teams this school year,” said Felder.

Amongst the CMEK players in attendance were Liam Levy from BPY, who will be attending TABC this fall, and Jacob and Alex Mcguire, formerly of SSDS.

The league is in the early planning stages of having Ntilikina as part of CMEK summer camp in some capacity. For more information on CMEK camps and programs, please contact [email protected]