Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Bruriah Varsity Lightning are heading to the Championships.

For the second time in three years, Bruriah is sending its varsity basketball A and B teams to their league championships. While the teams each arrived at their destinations along different paths, they both accomplished it with talent, sportsmanship, determination and grace. In combined practices, it’s difficult to tell which player plays for which team, as the league designations have lost their significance in the halls of Bruriah.

Basketball B-League made school history with its 13-0 season and will take on Ilan in the championship. BHS is making its fifth appearance in six years and will take on an improved Ilan that is making its first appearance in six years. Led by its captains, seniors Rina Finkelstein, Aliza Kurtz and Talya Markowitz, BHS is on a quest to bring home the first-ever trophy for its B-League Team. Along with the captains, senior Sarena Wiederkher and sophomore Aliza Rothberg will start.

The Lightning earned its spot at the Big Dance with an overtime win at home against Magen David. Down by 19 with four minutes to go in the fourth quarter, the Lightning took over the game and tied it with just a few seconds to go. It scored first in overtime and held on to win the game with a 35-33 semi-final victory.

As it’s done all season, the Lightning will look for help during the championship from the entire team, which includes Gila Alter (’18), Leah Baron (’20), Avigayil Kahn (’18), Rachi Levy (’18), Lily Lightman (’19), Racheli Lipner (’18), Miriam Rubin (’20), Chaya Stanislavsky (’19), Judith Wechter (’20) and Avital Wiener (’19).

BHS A-League compiled its unbelievable 10-4 record by going on a tear after its dismal 1-3 start. This Lightning team kicked it up in December to go 9-1 through the playoffs to earn its spot in the A-League championship game.

Led by captains, seniors Gabi Goldberg, Shira Hagler and Jessie Orgel, the Lightning was successful at home and on the road, taking games from Central, Frisch and Hillel to secure home-court advantage in each of its playoff rounds.

BHS enjoyed hosting Flatbush in the first round. Though it took a physical beating, the Lightning made it to the semi-finals with a 46-37 win. It recovered well enough to play Ma’ayanot in the semi finals. BHS lost to Ma’ayanot early in the season and was looking forward to hosting the Rapids. BHS came away with a sweet 49-44 victory.

Rounding out Lightning A’s starting five are senior Mikayla Elk and Gabrielle Thurm (’19). The Lightning can’t do what they do night in and night out without Talya Alter (’19), Danielle Gardner (’19), Kayla Goldstein (’20), Miriam Klerer (’20), Adina Pinsker (’19), Yael Sabo (’20), Rachel Shmuel (’20) and Sarah Yager (’19).