Saturday, July 20, 2019

The JKHA middle school boys hockey team defeated Moriah, Monday night, 3 to 1 to advance to the championship game of the YMSSA league. After a near perfect-record all season with only one loss, the JKHA middle school team won the first round playoff game over MDS before heading into the semi-final game against Moriah this week. They were supported by stands filled with fellow classmates and parents cheering them on. The entire team came together and demonstrated dynamic teamwork and sportsmanship to beat their skilled opponent. JKHA and Moriah were head to head for the second place position throughout the season, with JKHA securing the second place spot. The team fought hard on both offense and defense, with JKHA ending the game triumphant with three goals. JKHA is returning to the finals once again after getting eliminated in the semi-final game last year and winning the championship in the 2016-17 season. The eighth grade starters were supported by the teamwork of the sixth and seventh grade players on the team, leading to the night’s stellar performance. The team has worked hard and battled throughout the season and looks forward to the upcoming championship game.