Thursday, June 20, 2019

On Tuesday afternoon, March 26, the Frisch JV basketball team welcomed the boys IVDU Upper School for a scrimmage. Both teams had been eagerly awaiting the opportunity to meet on the court. For the IVDU team, this is their first year of competition against yeshiva league teams and the Frisch game was their fifth of their season. Throughout the game, which was cheered on by a large contingent of Frisch students, the players displayed respect and consideration for their opponents. The IVDU boys pulled ahead in the last few minutes and defeated Frisch by a score of 44-40. The ensuing pizza celebration enabled the players from both sides to mingle in friendship.

Dr. Jon Fiskus, who serves as one of IVDU’s psychologists as well as the basketball coach, initiated the game. The coordination of the event was capably carried out by sophomore and JV basketball player David Markovitz who shares a very special connection to IVDU, as the school was renamed the Marilyn David IVDU Upper School, in 2012, in memory of his beloved maternal grandmother. The Marilyn David IVDU Upper School, girls and boys, a division of Yachad, was founded by Marilyn David a”h who served as its initial director. The mission of the school is to prepare their young adult students to transition into adult life by maximizing their strengths and developing their independence to enable their participation in the full spectrum of communal life.

By Pearl Markovitz