Thursday, June 20, 2019

The Ma’ayanot Rapids and Frisch Cougars have a had a long-standing friendly rivalry. This past Monday night’s game may have brought it to a whole new level. With each team coming off a difficult loss against SAR, both teams wanted this game to help them get back into the win column. With temperatures nearing 65 degrees, at Votee Park in Teaneck, the Cougars jumped out to an early 2-0 lead by some strong hitting. Ma’ayanot scored a run in the fourth to bring it to a 2-1 game before Frisch responded with two more runs to take a 4-1 lead. Going into the bottom of the seventh (final inning of regular play), and down 4-2, the Rapids put together a good hitting streak to tie the game with two outs, before the Frisch defense was able to hold them.

And then it got interesting. With incredible defensive plays by both teams, led by Frisch’s shortstop and senior Kayla Forman, outfielder junior Daniella Nussbaum, and shortstop senior Mia Nissel from the Rapids, the game kept on going. While both teams had multiple runners on base, throughout the extra innings, neither team was able to get the all-important run to take the lead. Pitchers Cayla Eis (Frisch) and Ariella Vogel (Ma’ayanot) both pitched an incredible game, to keep the score close and low. Ma’ayanot had the bases loaded in both the eighth and ninth inning, yet were unable to produce the winning run. After over two hours of play, and with the temperature slowly dropping, in the bottom of the 10th, Ma’ayanot junior Michal Meisels was able to start off with a single to get the rally started. After a few singles by her teammates, Michal scored the winning run to finish off an incredible game. Both the Frisch and Ma’ayanot coaches were incredibly proud of their teams, and told them each that never had a MYHSAL softball game gone this long in their careers. What started off as a regular season game became an instant classic that will no doubt raise the expectations of their next game, which will be played on May 1, at Frisch. Congratulations to both teams on an incredible night.

By JLNJ Sportsdesk