Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Starting this Tuesday evening, Camp Mesorah turned into a full-fledged Olympic Village for two days. The all-around fun was highlighted by exemplary team spirit and sportsmanship.

During the opening ceremonies, division heads led a torch-lit ceremony and announced team captains. The campers were then divided into four teams and given bandanas for their respective countries: United Kingdom, Jamaica, Columbia, and Canada. During two full days of Olympics, teams scored points as athletes participated in campus-wide competitions in gymnastics, weightlifting, archery and ropes, Frisbee, jump rope, rock climbing, kickball, basketball, hockey, aquatics, softball, and a biathalon. Points were also awarded for team spirit.

“Kids love competitive play when it’s for the sake of their team,” said Nicole Poupko, Director of Girls’ Sports. “It’s great to see the fields full of happy campers. They get very into the games because they want their team to win. It’s more about the group and less about the individual.”

Besides dressing in their team’s designated color, the campers created giant flags, decorated the dining room during their “host meal,” created a mascot, and presented a themed dance.

“This is a great opportunity for the kids to come together and spend two days immersed in teamwork and leadership,” said Tzipporah Boim, Girls’ Head Counselor.

The biggest change in camp was in the colors of the nations that took over the aesthetic look of the campus, giving the athletes and ambassadors an easier time identifying with their nations.

“It’s wonderful letting the kids organize everything, from the flag to the cheers and activities,” said Director Ari Katz. “We put kids in charge and let them run with their ideas. It is refreshing to see how independent they are and how much they can do at a young age.”

The games continue with our new Premier Sportstar Academy beginning August 18 through August 22 at Camp Mesorah. There are still a few open slots, for more information please contact Steve Gutlove [email protected]

By P’nina Seplowitz