Sunday, February 23, 2020

In a very intense, defense oriented game, MTA beat SAR in its season opener, 40-39. By the half it was a two point game, but MTA opened the next half poised for the kill. A strong third quarter found the Lions up 11 as the buzzer ended the third. SAR mounted a comeback in the final quarter, and the game was all tied up with only seconds remaining.

The MTA coach drew up a phenomenal play, getting the ball into the hands of Binyamin “Money Shot” Buchbinder. Buchbinder thought about the shot, but saw his teammate Yehuda Colton flashing to the hoop and hit him for the higher percentage shot. Colton was fouled on the attempt, finding himself at the line with two free shots with one second on the clock. Colton sunk the first to put the Lions up by one and intentionally missed the second so the clock would expire before SAR could get possession.

High scorers for the Lions: Yehuda Colton with 10 points, 3 steals and 8 blocks; Josh Klein with 7 points; Marc Giant with 6, and the Buchbinders combining for 11. MTA walked away from the victory with a 1-0 record, but still has a long season ahead.

By Yehuda Colton